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I have some questions regarding this plugin. I have an autoblog I want to use it for. Now I have read to be careful with this plugin so your post aren't seen as spam.

I am currently signing up to the social networks on onlywire, there are about 30 so it'll take time to fill it all out. But I'm not sure on how to prevent my autoposts from appearing as spam. So how do I control this? What does the percentage feature mean on the plugin, it looks like you an choose a percentage. Is that how you control it?

I've also read that you should create multiple onlywire account to prevent spam. So how do I do this? Should I sign up for 5 social bookmarking sites in onlywire under one user name, and then add the info for 5 more social bookmarking sites with a second user name? If so, then I guess I would enter the multiple user names in the settings on the plugin.

Hope I'm making some sense here. Can anyone advise me here?

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    No, I think you're going to have to create several accounts at OnlyWire.

    The whole spam issue as it pertains to bookmarking sites is that you should consider each bookmarking site as it's own "universe" with it's own set of users.

    It is not very likely that these users travel from bookmarking site to bookmarking site but rather they will stay where they are most comfortable.

    If all your bookmarks, on any single account, lead back to different pages of your own website it won't take a genius to recognize the pattern and see that you are spamming your own site.

    I think OnlyWire has more than 30 sites now but I could be wrong. In any case, lets stick with that number for sake of argument.

    So what we're really talking about is that you need to set up your first account with OnlyWire and then proceed to sign up for every single one of those 30 sites.

    Next thing, you'll have to log out of OnlyWire and start setting up a second account and you'll need to sign up for those thirty sites all over again.

    Optimally you should have at least 3 or 4 accounts with OnlyWire and, by extension, 3 or 4 different accounts with each one of those 30 bookmarking sites.

    So in actuality you don't have 30 sites to sign up for but more so in the realm of 90-120 sign-ups.

    I hope this helps.
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    to be safe...always create new accounts for every bookmarking site for each new autoblog site
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    When auto-blogging with the Onlywire plug in, it's good to blog at least no more than 3 times daily. When your posts go to onlywire, that goes to 36 to 42 social bookmarking sites. If you blog too much, they track your footprints and behavior, and you don't want to be seem as a spammer.
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    Wow, that's alot of sign-ups. I think I'll do 4 and set my blogging to 3x a day to stay on the safe side.

    Once I do this how do I check that the posts are getting bookmarked?
    Also, what is the percentage box in the plugin, it's giving me choices for % and I'm not sure what to select?

    Do you get backlinks when you do this? Also, have any of you gotten any traffic from using this plug-in?

    I'm pretty new to this, and was searching for wp plugins that help with getting traffic so I greatly appreciate all your help on the forum. I can search for hours in the internet many times and not get the answers to my questions, so it's great I have the forum.

    Thanks so much,
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    Now OnlyWire is paid service. Can WP OnlyWire work if the user don't want to use the paid service (want the free only) for any autoblogs??
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    I thought they still offered free. It's on their website. But maybe that's the reason why I can't get it to submit, authorization denied. I've got a support ticket in, but I've heard their support is not that good. I'll have to wait and see happens.
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    Just as an FYI, you get something like 300 free submissions, but if you have 30 accounts per onlywire account, each submission counts as 30. That means you can get about 10 posts pushed through per month.
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    If each account is only bookmarking one post a day you should be safe even if each account is bookmarking the same site every day.
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      Does this WP Onlywire Multi Autosubmitter is free?

      There is also a free WP Onlywire Auto poster but no multi name on it.

      are these plugin the same feature?

      Im just confuse.
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    There is both a free and paid version of onlywire. I think now you have to do something to get the free version but it should be something really basic.
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    There's two that I know of. The Onlywire plugin and the onlywire multi-submitter. You can do a search for the plugins in wp. I had a really hard time trying to get the OW multi-submitter to work, so I'm using the Onlywire plugin.
    Hope that helps.
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      I have used the paid version of Onlywire for about 3 months (its $10 a month so cost is not an issue). For another $3 a month, they also handle the captchas. I have about 40 sites and I continually submit to the same 40 social sites using Onlywire. So I have 100+ submissions and as of now, slashdot, reddit and Bebo have banned that account (no problems with the other 37 social sites). My plan, assuming cost is reasonable, is to get the Enterprise edition of onlywire so that I can have multiple accounts at the bookmark sites and thus, eliminate the spamming issue for the same account.

      Question for those of you more technical than I:
      1. Do the submissions to these sites without pinging (as explained in this article) make any difference? Has anyone collected any data/measured results? http://ezinearticles.com/?HubPages-a...gle&id=1231439
      2. If the pinging is the essential part, which it seems to be to me, how can that be efficiently done without visiting the 40 social sites to collect the links that need the pinging?

      Note that I have used bookmarking demon that does both the submission and the pinging BUT
      a. it only has 24 main social sites (compared to 42 on Onlywire)
      b. I don't know if their ping list is that good as my results have not been noticeable

      THE BEST results I have had is when I followed the process in the above article using social-submitter to do the submissions, visiting each social site and retrieving by hand the 3 to 5 links for my post (tags, rss, etc) and then entering these at one of the ping sites such as pingler, pingomatic, pingoat, etc. None of the tools that have automated this (e.g. bookmarking demon) have given me results as good.

      I would love to reduce the time involved.

      All advice/direction welcomed!
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    I own multiple automatic blogs and have been using the onlywire multisubmitter for several years. Here is what I do. Use Fivver to have your accounts created. It's well worth the $5. In a couple of days, you'll have a fresh set of accounts that you can automatically submit to. One note. Most of the services only create and register the accounts. I always go back in and create my own profiles, with links back to my sites. Hope that helps!
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