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Hi Friends,
Is there any free real hands-on info for physically implementing the SEO work? Assuming that i already know what needs to be done but dont have actual hands-on experience. I only know very basic HTML and CSS. I want to be able to step right in to a small business, evaluate basic on page and off page SEO and make the changes myself. This is exciting to me and i know i can really help them because most of these businesses have no SEO being done. Some businesses only have a PPC campaign but also want some organic traffic. I need some practice and guidance but nobody will let a novice doctor perform surgery on their livelihood.........ps...thank you for useful advice...
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    The google webmaster blog is a great place to learn about seo. Start there and grab a blogger blog and a wordpress blog on the way. Both are completely free and just require an email address.
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    The process begins with SEO website analysis, understanding the business and the target. Search terms or keywords are evaluated according to the public spirit, and the term is relevant to the industry chosen for SE optimization. After identification, keywords should be as large. Each group of keywords are used to optimize a web page linked. This includes the creation of meta tags, content production or rewriting the content so that keywords are included. Discussion of specific web site optimization parameters is beyond the scope of this article.
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    Experience makes an SEO implementation works. All of these starts in the basics and It is an step by step process this will enable you to fully understand SEO.
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    As an SEO practitioner, the only thing that you need to be able to do actual SEO is to know how to write and to just know this little code here:

    <a href="http://yoursite.com">your keywords</a>

    for anchor texts. And that's it!

    With the rest, you can easily learn them along the process. The important thing is to start with something

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