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Not sure if I am in the right section here.

My question is as follows. I have software which can tell me the page rank of say my website. Rankchecker.

What I am wanting to know is there software or a way to check on what page in youtube your video is.

As an example I had a video start on youtube at say page 8. It did its little dance, and then settled down. I started linking to the video to increase its rank, and monitored it from there.

Each day I had to go in and search each page for my keyword to slowly watch it climb.

Is there software or an easier way to check this. I simply want want to plugin my video url, press a button and have something tell me.....what page it is on.

I hope you guys understand what I am asking, and look forward to some responses.

Regards Darren
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    The newest and best, IMO, is Rank Ace Ranking Reports for YouTube.
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