Ranking Raw Domain for Many Terms?

by momo3
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I have some Pr3 and pr4 sites that rank for many terms.

But its been a real son-of-a-gun rigging it up.

It think the future will be more ranking pages with high keyword density and precise backlinks.

Once you get these babies ranking, then they push the main page up, correct?

So if my domain is DogFood4Less.com, and I want to rank it for Dog Food, then the pages will be more longer-tail terms, such as

Dog food for Cheap
Puppy Food
Organic Dog Food,

etc. etc.

Once I get these ranking, and have anchor's with DOG FOOD pointing back to the domain, then it will push it up, right?

And then I will also be able to rank easily for other terms once my site gets authority? How does it work?
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    Backlinking to internal pages is a good way to boost your rankings. If you've got a niche site then ranking for semantically relevant keywords will be easier as you backlink more and more to internal pages for other keywords. They don't necessarily push the ranking of the homepage up but give authority to the domain itself.
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    The thing is that the main keyword should be in your domain, no matter whether you use one or two words after the main keywords or before the main keywords.
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