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Okay, I know how to search for keywords and find good ones that have low competitor numbers but is there a way to prove that people actually buy and not just search the keyword?

This is my way of searching for Keywords:

You want to look for keywords that have at least 2,500 global hits per month.

Type this keyword or keyword phrase into Google with quotes around it and get the search results. The rule of thumb is to stay below 200,000 competing web pages for your niche phrase. The lower this number is and the higher the global search number is the better.

Next, you want to know what the competitions PR numbers are and the number of back links they have. A PR 4 is not impossible to beat. It is PR 5 and above that I start to get concerned. Any amount of links below 100,000 you could probably manage to beat out over time.

So, this is how I do mine, is there a better way?

Also, how do I find (in simple terms) the KEI? Is there a way to do all this without buying expensive software?

I do all my research with Google Keyword tool.

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    This is certainly data you won't find being shared. The competition column may be the best gauge of what the successful marketers are have found to convert. Have you had a peek at the sort of info the free limited version of spyFu provides?

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    I would suggest using wordtracker for this type of research. You can go through thousands of long tailed keywords in short time and quickly rank them.
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      If you go to the google keyword tool,


      you can type in your search phrase and get an idea of the competition level from advertisers bidding for the phrase. This will tell you how competitive the keyword is, and generally the more competitive it is, the higher the level of commercial intent, which is why advertisers are bidding on the phrase.

      You can also go to MSN's commercial intent tool


      and it will tell you whether a phrase has a high or low commercial intent i.e. whether people are actually buying things or not.
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    Like timyang, I would have told you that MSN's OCI tool is your best bet for figuring out if people want to buy, except that it has been MIA for about a week now. The site also went down a few weeks ago, but I'm not sure if it will come back this time. I think the trouble is given due to the Yahoo/MSN merger. This tool has been really useful for me in the past. Keep an eye out for it. If it comes back, it's very useful for determining commercial intent.
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      Well, thanks everyone. I wondered why someone would ask me to find a way to prove that people actually buy and not just search the keyword? I thought that was asking a lot. I figured it was basically by seeing how high the competitor levels were.

      If I were to get a program that would do all this, what is the best one out there?

      Thanks for letting me know about the MSN's OCI tool. I will check that out!
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    Market Samurai is a great tool to check the competition on the first page for a specific keyword.
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    Google adwords keyword tool and market samurai and maybe traffic travis are the best choices and i only use them and i don't like wordtracker at all.

    I love warriorforum. Computer Tutorials

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    I use Market Samurai and love it.
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    Try market samuri and google webmasters
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    Every one of us has its own point of view regarding keyword stuff. I would go for google adwords for free tool and market samurai for the expensive one but effective also.
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    The equation for KEI is :

    KEI = monthly searches^2/raw competition

    eg. if the monthly searches is 10000 and raw competiion is 2,100,000

    KEI = (10000x10000)/2,100,000

    KEI = 100000000/2,100,000

    KEI = 47.61904

    Hope that helps.
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