Can I Pre-Pay for Adwords?

by momo3
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Lets say I want to lower my tax bracket.

Can I prepay adwords like 20k before the new year?

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    I think its possible. I have not tried such thing yet but i think its doable.

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    Originally Posted by momo3 View Post

    Lets say I want to lower my tax bracket.

    Can I prepay adwords like 20k before the new year?

    Yes you can I do it all the time. I deposit money into Adwords before the end of the year. Because one year I had a lot of money in my account. And I ended up paying a ton of taxes.

    You have to set your account up with pre pay option. Just create a new account and make sure you set the billing up as pre pay.

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    There's two options: pre-pay as the previous post mentions and post-pay (not sure exact terms Google uses) where they bill you (credit card) when you reach a certain level or each month, whichever comes first. I believe that once you choose a method, you cannot change it, so choose carefully.
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      I would talk to a tax expert.

      Assuming you use the "cash" method, which 99.9999% of us do,
      IRS PUB 334

      Under the cash method, you generally deduct expenses in the tax year in which you actually pay them. This includes business expenses for which you contest liability. However, you may not be able to deduct an expense paid in advance or you may be required to capitalize certain costs, as explained later under Uniform Capitalization Rules.

      Expenses paid in advance. You can deduct an expense you pay in advance only in the year to which it applies.


      You are a calendar year taxpayer and you pay $1,000 in 2009 for a business insurance policy effective for one year, beginning July 1. You can deduct $500 in 2009 and $500 in 2010.
      See tax expert. The cost will be minimal.


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