Google search results sometimes show WWW and sometimes now. Why?

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I try to set up all my sites the same way, and in Google Webmaster tools have them all indicated as "WWW" sites. However, Google search results show some sites as "WWW" and some without in the search results.

Why is this and is it having any effect on my search rankings?

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    When did you set it in Webmaster Tools? For one of my sites it took Google several weeks to show all links with w w w. So it just may take some more time for you as well.
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    They are fairly new sites, but my *newest* site is showing as WWW in the search rankings, so I don't know if it's an age thing or not ...

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      It will affect your ranking.

      You need to advise google via your webmaster tool of your preferred domain. That is, with www or without. Within a couple of weeks, the search results will show up correctly.

      You also need to do a 301 redirect.
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        Thanks for the advice, but the strange thing is I haven't done this in Webmaster Tools nor have I done the 301 redirects on any of the sites, and *most* of them show the WWW version. I just don't get the inconsistency.

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          It all depends how the bots decide to index your site. There is no consistency. However, google understands this hence why they give you the choice of having a preferred domain.
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