Dominating Google and the Google index update

by Eduard
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In the last couple of weeks, I wrote a few posts on my blog which I'm optimizing to rank very well on Google, each once for a key search. The on-page optimization for these posts is good, plus I've built plenty of quality backlinks to them so far (spent most of my time doing that).

However, right now these posts only come up on the second page on Google for the key searches I'm optimizing them for. I find this odd since the pages of other blogs/sites that rank higher than them often have a lot less backlinks of worse quality and a lot worse on-page optimization.

A friend of mine is telling me that this is happening because my posts are still very new and Google only does and index update once every month. So with the next monthly index update, if those backlinks are still there, the ranking of these posts on Google will improve considerably.

Is this true? Do you think his theory is valid?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
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