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I've several years experience on the web with seo, pcc etc, but the last year I didn't pay a lot of attention to search engine optimization. As I will publish this year a website which is driven by A LOT of content, i want to know the newest, freshest methods to write these content and also let it rank very fast in google...

does anyone know a course (at whatever price) which has great methods, tips and tricks to write great seo content that ranks very very fast???

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    SEOval has some great free video tutorials and slideshow guides:
    SEOval - Free SEO Tutorial Videos

    SEO education is a marathon with no finish line. Set goals to watch 20 minutes in video tutorials a day, and then spend another hour implementing what you learned.
    Marketing services that I highly recommend:

    URL=""]Free Twitter Followers[/URL]
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      Lisa Runs a great seo course over at her inlineseo website!

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    Hmm, I do advanced SEO tutor sometimes. We've also ran a basic email course at SEO-hacker that started this December. I suggest you read online resources instead, such as this one:

    45 New Link Building Resources: the "Signal Builder" Edition for 11/19-12/02 | Ontolo

    Co-founder and CEO of Grit and Xight Interactive. Author of Kaiserthesage. Follow me on Twitter @jasonacidre

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    You may try the Web CEO for a free or paid SEO course.

    Need an SEO outsourcing firm? Get a team of white label SEO professionals and outsource SEO today.

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    jeff johnsons traffic voodoo is a good starter
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    I recommend Backlinks-Hydra. That's the bese SEO Course I saw so far. Besides, it's short and sweet. You can finish it within two days
    Backlinks Hydra by Terry Kyle: Number One Rankings Backlinks Revolution

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      There's lots of good ones around. Thankfully, there's a place called Google where you can search for things like "SEO tips." A lot of these resources are free. On top of that, you'll learn plenty of tricks just from doing SEO.
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    its better to be in this field to learn and understand. SEO is a very easy and interesting field. you can better understand the clients requirement and the ups down in website position by the experience.
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    Thanks for your suggestions. I am now member of the Bring Fresh community/course. I will try that out.
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    No course can make you an SEO expert it takes a lot of time, learning, experimentation and reading to do. Try reading The Art of SEO for a start then spend some time reading blogs like SEOmoz, Search engine land, search engine watch etc. Participate in forums.

    There is no end to SEO you just keep on learning and learning.
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    I am a member of Bring the fresh........... got quite a few things from it so far in the short few weeks.....
    Got great listings in Google? , this can help!
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