Where Should I Add Adsense?

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I want to add Adsense to one of my blogs:

Mommy Enterprises - Work At Home Blog

Where do you recommend I put it?
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    I would place two 468x60 Banners between your posts on the front page. One above the fold and one three quarters of the way down. It looks like it might fit - otherwise use half banners. Try to blend the colors with your site content. You could also place a small square 200x200 in your sidebar.

    The maximum ctr would probably be achieved by placing a large rectangle at the top of the page just before your content. Above the actual headline. I have personally gotten rid of that on my sites because of all the warning letters people are getting. I guess I'm being overcautious. Besides, that big rectangle might make your site look MFA (aesthetically, it would ruin a good looking site also).

    On your single post pages, I would try to wrap the text around a 250x250 square (right side, after the first few lines of text) and/or add a large rectangle at the end of the post before the comments.

    Anyway, thats my 2 cents
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      Google Adsense has an Optimization Tips page where they show you the "hot spots". If you have an adsense account there will be a link to it with a nice map for a pages hot zone.

      Largemouth Herald

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