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Hello Everyone.

I have a quick question.

I have a new website and would like to know if it's out of the google sandbox.

When I type in my website name it apperars on the first place on Google. Doese this mean that I am out of the Google Sandbox?
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    I'm fairly new to this forum but here's what I know about the Google Sandbox effect which effects new sites. For the 1st month or so a new site usually gets a ranking boost if your on site optimization is decent and you have a few backlinks. Then after this initial "honeymoon" period the site will usually retreat into what is known as the "Sandbox" and your rankings will fall dramatically. This is a normal phenomenon with Google for new sites and usually time, link development and content development will bring the site back into reasonable SERP (rankings).

    So don't panic when your site falls in ranking but continue your SEO efforts and you will eventually be released from the new site playground know as the "Sandbox".

    Largemouth Herald

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    I think the sandbox thing is over rated. I had a new site that in 60 days went from virgin domain to PR3 with Google. Activity and new content makes all the difference. Having a link component on a site helps.
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      Just a clarification on the "sandbox" effect. This is a phenomena that affects your rankings in Google, not necessarily PR. When you are in the sandbox your site will often not be in the top 100 for your targetted keywords unless they have very little competition. So don't confuse rankings (SERP) with PR as they are not equivalent although have some relationship.

      Largemouth Herald

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        Hi jedijames,

        The "Sandbox Effect" is not an actual real place that Google puts your website. It is simply an imaginary place that folks new to SEO imagine their website goes to. It's all in your mind.

        If you experience the sandbox effect then this is a good sign that Google likes your content, but it is also a sign that you've chosen a keyword that has some competition.

        Google uses a freshness factor (a.k.a. QDF) that will temporarily boost the ranking of pages that are new. So, folks often see their brand new pages rank high in the SERPs for a brief period of time and then fall to it's truly deserving rank. In their mind they perceive this as a negative and feel as if they are being picked on or selected for some sort of penalty or sandbox, hence, the "Sandbox Effect".

        When you type your domain name and it appears in Google's results, this simply means that your website has been indexed. What is important, as far as SEO is concerned, is your ranking when you search for your primary keyword phrase. Is your page listed when you search for the keywords you are targeting?
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