Repeated Keywords in URL - Any problem?

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Does repeating a keyword in an url cause any trouble? Reason I ask is that domain name only has part of brand name (two KW + other word), and want to include full name (four KW) in the 'about' page url like this:

www . Kw1Kw2Other . com / about-Kw1-Kw2-Kw3-Kw4 . html

Does that make sense? Would it be penalized for duplication at this level? Using hyphens in about url to add more clarity for page name. No hyphens in domain.

Such a repeat does not really constitute stuffing... or does it?

Merry Christmas and New Year all.
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    Why to repeat keywords? there is no problem but you can use other keyword that is also important. what ever you want to say in this "about-Kw1-Kw2-Kw3-Kw4 . html" its obvious from url "www . Kw1Kw2Other . com / "
    but if you want to target that page then its a good url.
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    Don't make the URLs too long. Shorter URLs works best if you're targeting for keywords to rank on SERPs, since having too long URLs will not really be seen through result pages (will just display "")

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    I would recommend only include 1 set of keyword per url. If you need to talk about all 4 keywords, why not write create a post about each keyword, then you get 4 keyword urls and can optimize them better.
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      There is no problem but you should use different keywords. That is useful for your future
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    You can use your main targeted keyword in Url.
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    I think there is no point of doing that.. just double the amount of backlinks and you will rank a lot better then playing with url
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    Don't spam url and make this easy to remember so you can get direct traffic.
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    Thanks guys.

    Sinking in Ok after a solid round of good advice from you all. Solution for this page to keep it as short as possible, no duplications, and focussed on those four keywords (which is the company brand name) can simply be:

    www . Kw1Kw2Other . com / about-our-Kw3-Kw4 . html

    Should have realized this earlier, but a Warrior Forum query has done the trick. 'our' is a little superfluous but better than 'the' or nothing. Although a user-focussed 'your' would fit too. Now that's a different query altogether!

    Warrior Forum is the best! Much appreciated. Seasons greetings all.

    Richard, Hong Kong
    Business Consulting

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