What is the real reason for less traffic?

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dear friends ,
what is the real reason of less traffic ?
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    Not doing seo correctly? maybe
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    Can you tell us more? Like less traffic from google or from different SE.. Did you changed anything on the site? etc
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      less traffic is from google
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        I think the main reason for less traffic maybe you don't have enough knowledge on how to get more traffic to your site.

        Well if you know or if you have a lot of information, generally you can gain a lot of traffic to your site.

        do a lot of research and I guess there is no free. you need to invest even just a little money to gain traffic.
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    Simple Answer: You have not tried to get more traffic!!!

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      Sometimes blackhat SEO also be the reason for less traffic.
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    In my point of view the main reason can be niche you choose to market and other reason can be wrong selection of targeted keywords used in website for optimization.
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    In simple word no enough correctely seo.
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    do proper on-page and then start off-page.
    most of the seo beginners is taking little care about on-page and start doing off-page continuously. off-page is also important. but if there is proper on-page only off-page will work off.. Try to concentrate on-page more..

    this is my suggestion.
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      If you get less targeted traffic then you should have to concentrate only on your niche related resources to get more quality traffic if you keep on working on that you should get targeted traffic. For example Following people on social network of your niche type, Forum participation, posting niche related content in article submission sites could help you get targeted traffic for your website.
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    One should know how to promote a site properly for boosting and getting good result out of different strategies one is opting for, for the promotion of a site, i.e. boosting the site traffic as well as its ranking in the search engine result page.
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    SEO, and site contents.
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      Think your SEO is poor.
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    Maybe try and improve your meta description and title tags. Have a compelling call to action in both tags
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    What is the real reason for less traffic? For me its simply less effort in seo.
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    poor seo or bad landing page design. Not only ranking is important but the page on which visitors come should also look appealing.
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