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Hello Warriors,
I need some serious help...

I am doing some part time online work from last 1 year. I have some knowledge of SEO techniques like forum posting, blog commenting and all that.....(not a pro but can do at my own)..

But I am totally noon in adsense, website and blogspot blogs.....

Here is my questions--

If I start adsense with blogspot blog with unique articles (3 to 4 articles a week), will do all SEO techniques on it as I have some idea of it....

But Will it work on Blogspot blog? Will it earn me atleast 100$ a month?

Because these days people are saying that blogspot blogs are not worth to start adsense on it...

My plan is to make a good looking blogspot blog(not a .com) and post 4 articles per week (niches like seo or health), will Implement SEO techniques(S.B., Forum posting, blog
Will this work?

I am confused, friends are telling me to buy domaina and hosting for adsense but I can't afford it...

Hope you guys will suggest me something which is fairly good for me so that I can start with it..

Thanks in advance.....
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    Thanks for your reply...
    Is your blog related to Micro niche site??
    I can't believe that, I mean you are doing great job....
    You said you don't update it, so how do you get traffic? Is your blog indexed in search engine?
    Can you PM me your blogspot blog, if you dont mind??
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      Originally Posted by warrioruser View Post

      Thanks for your reply...
      Is your blog related to Micro niche site??
      I can't believe that, I mean you are doing great job....
      You said you don't update it, so how do you get traffic? Is your blog indexed in search engine?
      Can you PM me your blogspot blog, if you dont mind??
      Sounds great !
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        Using a blogspot blog's authority to gain rankings is good, however the disadvantage is you don't own the site.

        If you ever want to sell the site or do something that would be against blogger TOS, you won't be able to.

        When I started I would always think:
        "Why the hell would someone ever sell a profitable site?"...

        But with more experience I've learned there are plenty of good reasons to sell your sites and I've actually done so as a result.

        Anyway, don't let me stop you, just some food for thought.

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    Start your blog entry with a title that gets search results less than 101K or 200K if at all possible. That way you will have less competition being "picked-up" by the search engines. Do a Google search for various long-tail keywords (your keywords should be a phrase), and look at the search results to decide what to use as a title for your entry.

    Use your keywords in the beginning and every 100 words or so in your blog article.

    Make sure your content is relevant to the title.

    You can update entries regularly, but just make some kind of change to your blog, a theme, a gadget, anything, so you don't appear boring to your readers. If you are getting readers, you want them to keep "coming back." So keep it interesting.

    Make sure your adsense settings are search-engine friendly. (Make sure you complete the information accurately and keep it up-to-date.)
    Good luck!

    Anyone interested in a Music Career? It's Fun, Rewarding, High-Paying, Residual Income!

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    Blogspot sites are weaker for SEO than WordPress sites. That being said, there are some sites that are hosted by blog spot that get thousands of hits per day--google lean gains and see what I mean.

    It's okay to use a site hosted by blogspot, but you should consider buying a domain name. You can redirect your blogspot to the custom domain name.

    Owning the domain name protects you from getting shut down by Google provided you have backups of your blog. As well, the domain will gain value as it acquires links and age.

    To make a $100 per month with Adsense, you will likely need a fair amount of quality content posted on a regular basis. It's not worth trying to build a splog and make Adsense earnings. Overall, you'll probably need over 25k monthly page views depending on your niche and CTR.
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    If you don't have money to spend on a domain, just don't do it.

    This is an emotional thing and it's not good to start with the pressure of spending money you don't have. Try with free alternatives others suggested here and later, when you feel you can start investing, do it. But always treat this like a business (even if you don't have a penny to invest).

    Best Regards,

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    Thanks guys for helpful replies.. I really appreciate that..
    I will keep in mind all the points mentioned here...
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    My advice is to use blogspot to direct traffic to your other blogs or sites rather than make money from it. As others have said, you don't own your blogspot blog. I think it's more productive in the long run to work on your own blogs - they're very easy to set up using Cpanel (Fantastico) - I use Hostgator - and then capture data of visitors on your other blogs so you can build a list and start marketing to the list.

    I have been working with adsense for 4 years. After buying a few courses, my income on my one site at that time with adsense on it went up from $9/month to over $100 a day BUT it went back down sharply months later after Google changed their rules and prohibited placing images near the adsense ads.

    I currently earn $500 from that same adsense site but I haven't expanded because Google don't let on how they calculate the commissions and so, as a main income, it's too fragile. I prefer to work on income streams over which I have more control.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

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    There is some great information here, I plan to have a blog which is my own. Not on blogspot as it could be shut down or you can not sell it!
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    Another Tip: It doesn't matter if you start with a couple of free blogspots. What you need is some money to reinvest. Take a look at this tip:

    1. Focus on "High Paying Keywords" only so with just some impressions you make nice money (i had some sites that with 200 or 300 impressions earned what other people made with 2K or 3K impressions).

    2. "High Paying Keywords" could be competitive, but you need small amounts of traffic! One thing you can do to get that small amount is to find long tail keywords (related to your HPK) and focus on them! You can use Google Adwords Keyword Estimate tool for this.

    Best Regards,

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    I have a related story that may show you what others are talking about:

    Had a blogspot blog that achieved a great deal of traffic on a subject I loved. I never thought of moving it, because it was just a hobby site for me. However, once I started getting all kinds of traffic, google ranking, and subscribers I just threw up a few adsense blocks. Within a few months I was making between 300 - 450.00 per month on that thing, consistently for over 2 years. To me that was the coolest thing since sliced bread, since I'd have worked on that site for nothing (which I did for 2 previous years!)

    Having said all that, just as I was about to move it to my own wordpress site, my site was caught in the automated spam filter at blogspot, which is notorious for mistakenly tanking legitimate sites. As such my site was taken down with no notification, no due process, no human contact at all. When people paid their regular visits to the blog, this is what they saw: "this site has been removed due to spam violations" or some such nonsense. Reading that doesn't leave a valued subscriber feeling all warm and fuzzy, yes?

    It took me weeks of hounding google to have it reinstated, but by that time I had lost almost half of my subscriber base and most of my traffic. And my earnings went from a consistent 300.00 + to between 50 and 100.00 per month. Top it off the site never came back to it's original #1 spot in google, traffic ended up at 60% of original. Just basically they shot me in the leg due to their own faulty spam robot. Of course they did eventually apologize, and when I read that email I almost punched my computer.

    MORAL of the story is to never work on a site that is not fully and completely yours. It's a losing strategy. Go to namecheap and grab a domain, then hit hostgator and pick up a cheap "baby" package. Trust me, doing this leaves you with NO worries, and you likely already spend more on Lattes per month than you would on your hosting.
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    Thanks guys..
    More question I have..
    If I go for High paying competitive keywords, is it that called Micro niche website?
    Ok, If I start Micro Niche blog with hosting and domain, it needs one article every 25 days right but It will be right to earn atleast 100$ a month? WIll the revenue increase month after month, if i go for micro niche website?
    Are they beneficial for adsense?
    And also I like to ask is thier any disadvantage of making micro niche website(what are they)??
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