How to increase your adsense income.

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Dear All Warriors

I would like to seek somebody to guide me or advise on the real process to improve the income from Google Adsense.

Appreciated the help.
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    On your current site(s) you could optimize them using a variety of techniques.

    On new sites try to target high paying, weak competition keywords.

    Good luck!

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      I did try few but still no idea where and what to improve. my website are and
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    I have a ton of experience with adsense.

    Here's what I've found:

    1. Obviously the content of your site will determine the CPC - certain words such as rheumatoid arthritis will pay more per click than others.

    To find out how much certain keyword pay Google "Google Adwords keyword tool"
    search for a phrase like "arthritis" then click the columns section to display the estimated CPC.

    2. Location - above the fold ads earn more. I do best with 728x90 banners and 300x250 squares above the fold. And above the content 468x70 ad unit does okay for me too.

    3. Traffic - country of origin determines your cpc rate. Basically, you make more money with US visitors clicking than you will from any other country.

    4. Traffic - obviously you need more traffic to make more money. This requires building quality content, SEO, etc.

    5. Google Double Click - I started using google's DFP to serve my ads and my rates have gone up for Adsense 2-3 times!
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    You don't need lot of traffic. You need high paying keywords (just a humble opinion). For example, 200 impressions per day is nothing, but with just a couple of clicks (5 or 6) you can make $5 or more on adsense if you target high paying keywords.

    Too much competition?? Target long tail keywords (but always high paying). You'll always find 200 or 300 impressions that will make that difference.

    Best Regards,

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    If you would like to increase your adsense income.
    You should pay more attention of what kind of niche you're choosing.
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    Hi Billy Ho

    I discussed my way of making money with adsense here
    You may find some points there.

    Good Luck!!!

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    I have similar problem... thanks for sharing..
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