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This is a question that I've had for a while, that I'm hoping someone can help clear up for me.

When doing keyword research, lets say that I find a keyword that only gets 1000 searches, but is the best qualifying keyword with domain available.

If the sub pages have more searches, but slightly higher competition, albeit very low still will my site be penalized because the inner pages might get more traffic?

For example my sub page keyword has 2900 searches a month with higher saturation but the competition level is super low on it. I'm confident that i can get the page to rank and generate a pretty good amount of traffic. Again more than my main page probably.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is that I've found a lot of good phrases for my niche and would even be willing to build more sub pages, but just don't know how that effects the overall site.


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    One of the things that the search engines like is to have a site with related pages. I cannot imagine how you could possibly be penalized for having a site with good content on it that is based on realated keywrod phrases.

    just make sure that whatever monetization you are using is availabel on each page. If you only have one page on your sie with monetization on it, which people do sometimes to boot their CTR with adsense, then make sure you have a link from each of your pages to the money page.

    Make sure that however you do your monetization, that you make it prominent so that people see it.

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      Agreed with JMichaelz on this one. Good content is good content, regardless of what page it's on. I think you would be fine if you had interior pages that generated quality traffic, even if their numbers surpassed the main page.
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