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Has anyone read The Art of Seo, if so what do you think!
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    Yeah, and I posted my review over here:
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    no if u have please share with all
    I am new Blogger and need advices of senior blogger about my Entertainment website and Latest Technology website. I also use to write on serious topics like religion and information about Islam. Looking For your feed backs and advices.
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    If I can not get a mature answer I will not bother asking. I have read several reviews from Amazon and searched Google too but I wanted to ask here!
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    please someone can give me a good answer than that
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      you dont really need any book about seo. The steps are easy, the search engine must know which keyword you target and it must be RELATED to the rest of the blog. Backlinks from RELATED authority sites help to rank the content. There isn't really a magic seo bullet. It is just how much effort you put into. Some factors account for a larger share than others. Since google doesnt disclose their ranking algoritme all you can do is trying and see if it helps
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    Everything is for free on the internet.. i mean most of it.. and the game changes every day/month/year, so you should always read the up to date stuff, which is usually available at boards
    Nifty Stats - the best free software to track your progress
    at multiple affiliate programs within one interface. Give it a try!
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    I use some of following methods to do SEO
    SEO methods
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    SEO is the art of a good book, but then you have to spend much time reading the forum threads to download the latest idea where SEO is going. SEO changes so often that you need to read every day to see anything else.
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    no, can share with us so that we can take a looks
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      Originally Posted by JonWebContent View Post

      How did you do that? I want to start doing this when I get annoying emails from friends with stupid questions!
      Found how to do it. Just go to
      Then type your search and get your link

      As for the OP, I think many have answered, you don't need an ebook. Everything is in this forum. For a headstart, I'll give you the most common guideline.

      1) Keyword Research
      -monthly searches
      -Google CPC

      2) Hosting / Domain Registration
      -exact match domain (no necessarily)
      -linking your domain to your preferred hosting

      3) Site Setup
      -Wordpress, Joomla, XsitePro, HTML, etc2 (Your Choice)

      4) Content Creation
      -Pages (Homepage, about, contact privacy policy etc2)
      -Posts (Unique, automated etc2)

      5) Monetization
      -Products (etc2)

      6) On Page SEO
      -Meta Tags
      -Image alt tags
      -Keyword Density
      -H1, H2, H3 tags

      7) Off Page SEO
      -Backlinking (articles,linkwheel,rss etc2)
      -Social Bookmarking

      8) Mindset
      -Never Give Up
      -Willing to take the risk.
      -Taking action

      By far, number 8 is the most important part of all. I'm not an SEO expert. I only gave the guidelines. Now, it's your job to take action and search for the details in this forum. I might have missed out some things. But those are the basic rules.

      Happy SEO-ing!

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    please tell me about this plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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