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Hey there warriors.

I am having difficulty in identifying my competition for my desired keyword. I'm finding an expert that can tell me whether my niche is easy to dominate, hard etc2 (for free ). If you can do it please reply to this thread or PM me.

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    Some things to look for when identifying a good keyword are the following indicators.

    1. Number of competing pages. Less than 100,000 should be easy, anything greater will take some work.

    2. Are the sites on google page 1 the home/index page or are they pages in the site. The deeper the page is the easier it will be to beat i.e. a homepage is hard to knock off.

    3. The pr of the pages on page 1. The more high PR the pages in the top 10 will make it harder for you to try and rank. Ideally the less high pr pages the better.

    Something that I used when I struggled to pick a good niche to go into was the free version of Traffic Travis.

    This has a pretty good little tool that will give you a "very easy, moderately easy, moderate etc etc" analysis of each keyword you want to try and rank for.
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    Take your main keyword and do an allintitle search:


    Then do an allinchor search:

    allinanchor: keyword

    If you get results under 200K you probably have a relatively easy niche.

    But remember your only real competition are the sites currently on Page1, cuz if you don't get one of the top 3 spots you're not gonna get that much traffic (positions #1 and #2 are preferred)

    See how many links they have, if their titles contain your keyword etc.

    These are the listing you need to beat.

    Forget about how many competing pages there are, its meaning less, Google only returns the top 1000 anyway.

    Good luck
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    This is why I let tools do this for me as they bring me right to my competition each and every time. You can search and download a free copy of Traffic Travis which will be of great help in this regard.

    Also... I can recommend a paid product that I use on almost a daily basis but request that you send me a message first so that I'm not accused of trying to make an affiliate sale from your post.

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    I have to agree with Hydroxide. I'm having a tough time analyzing keyword competition. I have 2 sets of long tail keywords that I'm looking at in the same niche. When I run SEO analysis on Traffic Travis I get a difficulty rating of "Relatively Easy" but the SAME keywords in Market Samurai shows lots red for the top 10 sites.

    Traffic Travis & MS don't even agree on the top 10 results. I found 4 or 5 results in common but the ranking was totally different. (Google & MS seem to almost match though) So, I'm not sure who to trust?

    I did notice that the MS red blocks were mostly showing on (DA) "domain age" and (IC) "google index" areas. So if these two areas aren't significant then maybe this would be a good niche!?

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    Or just use our Keyword Competiton Tool

    It bases its difficulty score on the Top 10 Google results, not the umpteen other results which are irrelevant.

    After all, are you looking to appear on page 1, or page 15?
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