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Is it a good thing to help Google to index backlinks? I mean new profile-pages etc. It's easy and fast to do for example using and sending the feed (includes pages where backlinks are) to or many other services.

All backlinks can't get indexed if they are disallowed in site's robots.txt

But is it better to let Google to find those pages later and "naturally" ?
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    You'll find differing opinions on this, but in my short experience, I've found that Google has found a good majority of my backlinks without doing anything special. I would think that this looks much more natural to Google as well.
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    I have to second Matt's opinion. Let them find the links naturally. If G can't find them on their own, they are not worth anything anyway.
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      Thanks for answers. I have tested things in last months and found out that keywords in domain name and good content are extremely important in a long run. It's good to build some good backlinks (maybe 20-100) but it's waste of time or money to get hundreds or thousands backlinks from profile pages, dofollow-blog comments etc...
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