Will Google Kick my Blog?

by Giani
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One question which many new Bloggers ask is whether it is right to use PLR articles as posts on their Blogs.

Well the answer is Yes and No.

Yes. Because you can post them on your blog and you can make money from adsense or affiliate marketing.

No. Because I believe the primary purpose of blogs is to provide information to your visitors. If you have good and unique content, there will be more followers to your blog, you will eventually make much more money.

However if you have good collection of PLR articles, then you can modify them to make them useful and enjoy the trust of your followers.
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    Google won't likely kick your blogger blog for PLR content.

    Over the past few weeks I've been shcedueling some articles to go live and so far I have been seeing decent results.

    Before I did this I was researching the topic a fair bit. From what I also gathered was that the reason peoples blogger blogs were being taken down was due to people directly copying and pasting articles from popular directories without referencing them according to the sites TOS.

    However, PLR articles you have actually acquired should be fine.

    Another tip for your site staying live for longer is not putting adsense on the site until after about 2weeks of dripping articles to the site.

    So, no, Google shouldn't really kick your blog/blogger blog.
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    All wants to make much more money so that can not be a reason of not using PLR article if your service provider support it.
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