Is this a good way to increase my search engine rankings?

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I was wondering if I submitted articles linking back to my website to 50 to 100 articles directories, would this help to increase my search engine rankings?

Or would it not have that much of an effect since all of the links will be coming from article directories?

Like would it be better to have them come from a combination of places like lenses, hubs, blogs, or profile links, and etc.?

I know it would also be good to link from some .edu's and .gov's as well.

I just wanted to know if this could help my site's rankings?
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    Yes it will help.

    But to be more effective spread it around as much as you can. Link from all sorts of different places (aim for relevancy) and use a wide variety of anchor text and urls.

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    Yes along with what aaron_nimocks said. i would mix the links up to point to different pages on your website and point them to other articles you create, other squidoo lenses you create but they all will arrive at your website ultimately, one way or another.
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    I would also create backlinks to your articles, particularly the best ones.
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    Thanks for your replies!
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    Yes this is the good way to increase the website ranking in the major search engine like Google. But with these also you can make use of the different link building techniques which helps to boost the search engine ranking.
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    Yes, I do this often.

    There are some good products that help you do this.

    In fact i've submitted around 90 aritcles pointing back to my site to over 600 different article directories using Article Marketing Robot
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    Thanks, I will check out article marketing robot to see if this is something I could use.
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    Just as a member said above, use variety of anchor texts and target different inner pages...don't hesitate to use main page keyword for some closely related inner page and vice versa...increases overall domain score and relevancy
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    Yes, This would definitely Help You....
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      Use Article Marketing Robot, do not vary your anchor text, (I know it looks unnatural, but using different anchor texts just confuses Google as to what Google should really rank your page for), and dont worry about getting lots of different kinds of backlinks. If you can get lots of article backlinks fast and easily then get article backlinks. If Profile or Blog Comments then get those. Master one backlinking method at a time, then move on;-)
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    If you are willing to do article submissions. Then don't submit an article in not more than 5-6 good article directories.
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