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I'm sorry, but I posted this question in the wrong thread so I'm posting it here since it is an SEO thread.

I'm new to internet marketing. I'm definitely interested in local search engine marketing.

I'm wondering though, If I want to a rank a website say for the keyword

"san diego plumber"

What is the most effective way of doing that.

Many people use articles to generate backlinks right?, Wouldnt that just bring that article up when my keyword term is searched rather then the site?.

In Google places I currently Rank

Keyword 1(One Box)
keyword 2 (B)
keyword 3 (One Box)
keyword 4 (F)
keyword 5 (A)
keyword 6 (A)
keyword 7 (C)
keyword 8 (G)
Different City keyword 9 (E)
Different City keyword 10 (A) PAGE 2
keyword 11 (I) Page 4

What I want to do is rank for certain keywords also in the local search outside of g places.

So I'm wondering since I don't do s.e.o, what is the best way of doing that?....

The keyword

San Diego Plumber has About 749,000 results W/O qoutes

"San Diego Plumber" has About 6,620 results W/ qoutes

Which I'm sure isn't to hard to rank for.... So since article backlinks aren't permanent, And They tend to be non-context-relevant, PR-0 backlinks.....What is normally done to get a site ranked for a certain keyword?..
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    Anyone? help with some advice
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      In order to rank locally you will have to have a local business listing.

      David Mihm is the guy to google for info about local ranking seo.
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      Originally Posted by vApor View Post

      Anyone? help with some advice

      I highly recommend reading Mike Blumenthals blog. Invest five minutes and read a few random posts and you'll understand why I highly recommend Mike.

      Here is the URL: Understanding Google Maps & Local Search
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    Get ratings on your places page. Five or more means you get stars. People click on stars, because they provide a sense of security from peer review and they're pretty.
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    If you're looking for organic, non G Places, results then just build backlinks. As long as you have the words "san diego plumber" somewhere on your site, hopefully in the title, you could build blog comment links, profile links, even classified ad links and directory submissions will help. I ranked at position #2 for "XXXXXXXXX Roofers" in about a month, using a .info mind you, just by building backlinks on blog comments, profile links and website directories.

    Local organic ranking is pretty easy for anyone who has done SEO in the past........just make sure your on-page seo is optimized for "san diego plumber" and build a lot of backlinks with that keyword as an anchor text.

    Happy New Year
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