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I am faced with a potentially big problem - I have been working on a client website over a course of months for some pretty competitive terms. I have reached position #5 for two of the major terms but am struggling to break above this.

The domain is aged, site well maintained, contains the keywords, has reasonable content etc etc etc and despite the huge amount of article marketing, guest blogging and even a SPRINKLING of link buying, I cannot shift the site past #5.

Any thoughts on how I can achieve this? There's a lot of innovation on this forum so look forward to hear what you guys think!
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    Can you share the keywords with us? That way I can check the competition and see what needs to be done. Diversify your SEO efforts as much as you can, linkbuilding, comments, Press Releases, hunpages, on page seo and such.
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      mmm....your question is a bit broad.

      You beat out your competition you need to do some serious deep level analysis on their backlinks and then analyse the backlinks backlinks.

      People always ask me why does it matter where the backlinks come from....and here is my answer.

      Every backlinks hold a different amount of power to push to the site.

      What that means is that one link might come from a website that is little and only has about 100 backlinks pointing to it's site therefore passing a smaller amount of juice towards your site...then there might be another link that is an authority site with 1000's of links pointing that page that in turn points to your site so the amount of juice is much higher and that one link on paper looks like one link but under the hood that one link is so much more.

      I would run an analysis on the backlinks from the top competitier and see what you see. There's a reason why those websites with 100's of backlinks can out rank those sites with tens of thousands of backlinks.

      Also mix it up a bit when in SEO efforts...I normally use article marketing, blog posts, forum profiles, web 2.0 sites, press releases, etc

      Also be sure that your blogs are not hosted on the same IP Address. Getting ten thousand backlinks from one domain doesn't have as much punch as ten thousand backlinks from a mixed ratio of ip addresses.

      I mean they still help but no where as much as that first link.

      There you go....
      Check out deals
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    thanks very much for both replies. my campaign is currently very diverse - links from blog posts, articles, blogrolls, press releases and even niche directories.

    the keywords are "logbook loan" and "logbook loans", the site is currently at positions 5/6 respectively (in google UK). I am aware that the number 1 ranking site is an affiliate merchant, so their backlink profile will probably be unbeatable, but as for the others... i struggle to envision that they have worked harder (or smarter), and experimented more than I.
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