Backlinks from the same IP to different sites hosted on same IP?

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I have read that getting many backlinks from the same IP address to one website doesn't give any more link juice than a single link.

Does this also apply to many banklinks from the same IP address to multiple sites hosted on the same IP address? I guess an example of this would be hosting 5 websites on the same server, and then posting ezinearticles for each of them, or having a forum signature pointing to each of them.
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    My opinion is as long as the incoming link is from a different IP than the sites its coming into its fine. Otherwise all those maniacs that post 20 articles a day on EZA and ArticleBase, pointing to the same domain wouldn't get any benefit, and they do.

    So just make sure the linking site and the linked to site are on different IPs

    Happy New Year

    PS..You guys that post a lot of articles aren't maniacs, i actually envy you because I just don't have the patience.......keep it up!!!!
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    No that is fine to do...the pr from the incoming links all being hosted on the same ip address is issue that you need to watch out for. This is more for blog and forum profiles that this method would apply anyways.

    Article directories normally do not have a high fact most articles on ezine only really have PR n/a - PR1 listed so it doesn't really matter if you have 1000 articles from article directories pointing at your site or not because it's not the pr of the article site that you focus on when using article marketing.

    The main principle behind article marketing is to have other web masters publish your article on their websites which in turn gives you the PR from that site....the more folks that publish that one article the more backlinks you will obtain and the more PR from unique ip addresses.
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