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Hey there,

Almost a happy 2011 here already!

I'm stuck on a big keyword research project.

I know how to do a decent (small-volume) keyword-research, but I'm looking at a major batch of results here and I don't know what to do with it.

What do I do with the Market Samurai competition indicator?
In my research it sometimes gives very high competition results for very long-tail and low-search keywords. How trustworthy is this indicator and what does the ''Golden-rule'' 30.000 mean?

The SEO CTR (Competition-to-title-ratio) is sometimes over 10.000%, while the normal competition indicator is < 100, this just doesn't make sense.

An example is a totally unrelated keyword: (kreuzfahrten 2010 karibik). The keyword has 5 competition, but 1.040.000 million % competition to title ratio when exported to excel. What does this mean?

How do you conduct a major keyword research (meaning about 10.000 keywords) when you don't have specific seed-keywords to start with?

All the best wishes for 2011,


PS: I might sound confusing, which is probably because I am a little confused myself. Sorry about that.
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