Why doesn't work the MSN Commercial Intention Tool?

by Isaan
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I cannot use the MSN Commercial Intention Tool for a couple of weeks now. Somebody let me know that nobody is able to use this tool. Is there somebody here in the forum who knows what is going wrong with this tool?

Hope you can explain me more about this.

Thanks a Lot,

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    Hi Isaan
    I just got onto the forum to ask the same question!

    Frustrating as I too have tried it for weeks now just with an error!

    Anyone got a similar tool to check OCI?

    Market Samurai just returns errors and I can only assume that this
    is due to MSN Comm Int being down.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks heaps for any help!

    PS I forgot to add the link I have been using:
    Follow my online journey: www.LeanneAnnett.com

    Make A Difference

    Enjoying Traveling the World! :-)
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    I just tried to use this, too - was directed from one of WSO report, but it didn't work, either... this site doesn't exist anymore???
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    • Yep, really frustrating. It is an extremely powerful tool, that I use as a big part of my strategy.
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    Hi All,

    I came here to ask for the same thing. It seems everybody is facing the same problem.

    Is there any alternative to the MSN Commercial Intent tool?

    Thank you.
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  • Profile picture of the author Valeriu Popescu
    It works people, just follow the instructions!

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