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I guess we all know that back-links to our website is great for getting higher ranking in the search engines .The higher the page rank of the site linking to your site...the more value those links have.

For my website which I am building , I am thinking of buying links coming from much higher page ranked sites. Do you think it is a good strategy? And if it , Can you specify a source from where I can buy?

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    Buy scrapebox for $59 and find as many high pr blogs as you want then create as many backinks as you want. Also good for finding forum profile sites
    Check out deals
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    I don't think that buying links is the answer for this. there's a lot of free submission that will make more quality in your site.
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      There are many strategies you can opt for instead of buying links from good sites. Try to build good link popularity for a site. Try to get good backlinks from good relevant sites whose pr is more than ours as far the ranking in the serp as well as traffic to a site is concerned.
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    I wouldn't suggest doing that strategy. There are a lot of free ways you can do to acquire strong links from high PR sites related to yours. It would be a smarter investment if you just hire a seasoned SEO practitioner to help you with link search and acquisition, since it will take you further.

    Perhaps this list of strategies can help you out with your campaign:
    21 Advanced Link Building Strategies | Kaiserthesage

    Co-founder and CEO of Grit and Xight Interactive. Author of Kaiserthesage. Follow me on Twitter @jasonacidre

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      SEO is free services, We can also do as own. First We have to write article , directories submission, social bookmarking which would be useful for backlinks.
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        Hi, you can buy backlinks online and you can also generate quality backlink for your website by posting articles related to your niche with a respective link to the web page of your website, Forum participation and Social bookmarking can help you to have a lot of backlink for your website.
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          Buying backlinks can be a risky business, Google hates them and will uncover them in time, or is that my paranoia showing......who is at the door mother???
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    Google is coming down hard on Spammy links in blogs. Unless your link is surrounded by relevant info, and not in signature, AND on blogs with a good track record - You'll eventually be put in a corner.

    You may get instant results, but when G catches on you will get smacked big time back to the stone age or possibly banned.

    If you could tell me a little bit more about what type of website you have i'd be happy to give you some recommendations that will give you long term results.

    Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.

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