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I manage more than one website. I don't know if i can comment on one blog using 2 different names and 1 IP address?
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    Not quite sure if I understand this correctly, but are you trying to comment on a blog using 2 different login names?

    Its fine if this is what you meant, doesn't matter if you are doing it on the same IP address. Hope I answered your question.
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    I think you can do that, there is no harm in trying.
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    If I'm understanding you correctly, I think you'll be just fine. Like has already been said, the issue of it being same same IP address shouldn't matter. Good luck!
    Yes, "pheonix" is spelled incorrectly. There's a story behind this. If you're curious, just ask!
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    You might need to clear your cookies after each comment, sometimes sites will remember your name and stuff.
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