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...but I made my first Google AdSense payout.

LOL. I will never use an "information" niche for AdSense again!

I also made roughly $30 on CB this week...

1. Get my next payout in 90 days or less
2. Get at least $60 CB income a week.

How's your first week into the New Year?
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    Congrats on the payout and CB sales.

    It looks like your off to a good start for 2011 keep it up!
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    Congrats! I got my adsense account up to $98 before I moved onto other stuff, and have never got over that initial $100 hump myself to get my money from them haha

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    Thanks butch and luke

    luke, get your last 2 bucks lol ... even if you quit after. lol

    I Go Hard = "Slanguage" for putting forth a lot of effort.

    Don't be an arse and try to flip something you clearly have no knowledge of against me.

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    Congrats! Now build on that momentum!

    I like how you have posted your goals to keep yourself accountable!

    Nice work.

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    first week going ok
    Got a sale from something I thought I had stopped promoting
    Working on setting up a new project at the moment and if it up and running by the end of the next week

    could be very profitable could fall flat on its face like my last few ideas
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    I use Adsense to supplement my Amazon earnings and I'm glad I do. Now it's time for you to scale up! Good luck in meeting your next set of goals.


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    i've reached £20.17 on one site but that's taken a year nearly! about to give up on SADsense, unless I can build a site that gets the crazy traffic you need to succedd (admittedly that can be said about most endeavours)
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      Going great.

      One site that I'd be working on like mad in October and November has started earning around $40 a week. Before then it didn't even make that a month.

      It just goes to show keep working at it, and before you know the sales will start coming in. Just be patient and keep working at it!.
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        Originally Posted by alexdigital View Post

        Going great.

        It just goes to show keep working at it, and before you know the sales will start coming in. Just be patient and keep working at it!.
        Exactly. Things that are worth having generally come with a price tag and in business that price tag is often a lot of hard work. With time the work will pay off.
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          I actually do pretty well in both product and info sites with adsense. Some of my best earners are info type sites and dot info domains.

          Congratulations on your goals, they sound very doable and real.

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            SADsense, i love it
            If you could take alook into our private Facebook community at the money people are making (including me) and how fast they made it,you would NEVER look at another IM system...
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              Oh..GREAT & congrats!!
              Ever since Alexage brought my site's rank bellow 50K, I've noticed that my site started ranking a lot better on Google, I'm pretty sure that's because Google gives priority to websites with high Alexa rank.
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                Congrats on your success....took me a while to get up to my first $100. Sure is sweet to get that check though.....I also switched up my profits on my sites..I have some sites that run CB products...some that run Amazon products...and some that have Adsense banners....CB is by far the best if you are going to promote someone else's products....if you really want to rake in the big money then you should develop your own products and sell them on your websites or CB.

                The only issue I've always had with promoting other peoples products you get a small cut of the profit when you did most of the work.

                Here's a hint if your looking to some good payout....Kindle....Kindle...Kindle....then Adsense....
                Check out deals
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