Direct Linking- Is it dead?

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Well, the title really says it all! Is it still possible to have possible direct linking campaigns, and if so how?

I know there are advantages to building lists in certain markets and it can increase your profitability... but is direct linking a viable means of testing a new market before putting up the effort of designing a web page?

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    You can still direct link, but it's tougher because the final landing page needs to be the same as the display url. Also, if the merchant is running ads, more often than not, they will not allow you to outbid them, so your ads will never show on page one if you url is the same as theirs.

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      Direct linking is actually different than what it used to be, rules are different but certainly not dead..

      I have multiple campaigns direct linking that make me money. Depending on which network you operate, you might have to check if the merchant allows direct linking.

      But as long as they do, you simpply put your campaign up and make sure your ads are showing up..

      but there are zillions of merchant out there, that it is very easy to have ads running that aren't affected by the same display url rule.
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