Keyword Research Programs - What do you use?

by KeithR
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Hello all. I am new here. Looks like a great forum. I am simply wondering what
everyone is using for keyword research programs. There seem to be tons of them around - some free and some paid. I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks in advance.
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    The top contenders are usually Market Samurai or Micro Niche Finder.
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    Keyword Elite and Micro Niche Finder, although I've heard good things about Market Samurai as well.
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    I use a combination of Traffic Travis, Google's Keyword Tool and the SEO Spyglass Suite. I have heard a lot about Samurai, but never plunked down the cash for it.
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    I use micro niche finder, but you will also do well with google keyword tool if you do not want to spend any money yet. I usually advice newbies to spend less or no money at all at the initial stage until they are grounded enough and have a strategy in place for making money online
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    I use the one that's inside a membership. It let's you find keyword with high volume/low competition very fast.

    This is perfect for crazy markets like "speed cleaning" that not a lot of people go after!
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    I use market samurai. As a free one, we can use Google Adwords keyword tool.


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    I use a combination of Google's Free Tool, Market Samurai and Keyword Blueprint - I'm very partial to Keyword Blueprint which had been available only to private suscribers to Steve Clayton's membership program, but for a limited time is being given away free as part of his latest launch.

    You can see my resource box below if you wanted to pull down the free version.


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      Hi KeithR,

      I am still old fashioned in that I do all of my research "by hand." I simply use the process of elimination. I have ways of finding new, rising niches that I feel does not yet have a lot of competition but is bringing in a good amount of traffic. The key is to find a niche that is still maturing and has potential for more growth in traffic.

      Hypothetically, that Keyword list would include something like Apple's iPad, Bronco's quarterback Tim Tebow, and the show House. I then use Google Keyword tool to see how much traffic each keyword brings in. I would then put Tim Tebow back on the shelf because it simply does not bring in enough traffic yet.

      The next step would be to analyze all the competition that is ranked on the first page of that Search Engine results. There are a couple of ways to see if the competition is too stiff: if a lot of the sites have a Page Rank greater than 3, if it is clear the sites are using sound SEO strategies, if the sites have a lot of quality backlinks. Based on those strategies I would get rid of the keyword House, because the competition is too strong.

      That would leave me with my one keyword, iPad. However, the niche is still wide open for the taking and there is a lot of potential for the traffic to spike within the next few months.
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        My brain - No tool can beat it. I just have to think about what phrases that my visitors may potentially use to search for the product I'm promoting.

        I'll also use googles keyword tool, market samurai, and traffic travis.

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    market Samurai Rocks, sometimes Google keyword when im on a rush.

    No affiliate links in sig files

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    Like everyone else, Market Samarui. Everything you need to know about the keyword and your competition, plus other tools I know most people don't even use. If you can't afford the $149, then learn how to make $1 and scale it up 150 times.
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    I use mainly Market Samurai, like most people here, but I also use the keyword tool over at SBI ( since I have a few sites there.

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    Market Samurai hands down. great tool.

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      Market Samurai, google keyword tool and Wordtracker is a good tool also.

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      I have used a lot of them in the past but the two I found the most valuable are market samurai and keyword sniper pro.

      I believe the keyword research module of market samurai is still free so you can give it a try and see how you like it.

      best regards,

      ~R. Shawner
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