How to rank for multiple keywords?

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I am a bit confused about how to go about ranking for multiple keywords for my site.

Should I be created forum posts, social bookmarks, or submitting articles to article directories with the other keywords I want to rank for?

In other words, if my keywords were: sanyo xp-123, xp-123, & sanyo 123, should I be hyperlinking each keyword for different forum post, social bookmarks, and articles?
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    Yes, to all of the above.

    You rank for seperate keywords the way you rank for one keyword.
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    Sorry about the double post guys. This thread didn't show up before.
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    Judging by your signature, you have already figured it out.
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    Yes, use all of the above create anchor text in these posts and point them to the pages of your site that are optimized for those specific words.
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    Just checking on one of my sites, it received traffic from google for 28,510 keywords in the last 30 days. The secret is building a large site that is visited by many.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    How to Build Links and Optimize your Website for Multiple Keywords

    Read this u will get all the answers of ur queries...
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    Hello, to rank for different keywords make sure you enter all different keywords underneath the different pages. Edit each page and have all the keywords submitted in accordance with the pages. Also, try not to use more then 2-3 solid keywords per page because this will just confuse the search engines and devalue your site because the engines will not know where to place your site and under what term. Use 2-3 solid keywords that rank high.
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    Pick the best strategies in SEO like link wheel, social bookmarking, submit your site to various directories.
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    Keyword optimization will do, optimize your specific keyword by using it as your anchor text.
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