Major ways of backlinking?

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What are the major ways of backlinking that you use?

I personally use forum sigs and blog comments?

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    Forum sits and blog comments are great when used properly and not spammed.

    Some other great methods are article marketing, web 2.0, social bookmarking, blog postings, profile links, etc

    The more methods you use the better.
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      Blog comments are the best for me because you can find out what PR they are and then go after PR3-4 etc. I do also use a linking service to build 250 low PR links to each of my sites. This just gets them on the map. Then I drive it home with quality links
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      Originally Posted by dadamson View Post

      Forum sits and blog comments are great when used properly and not spammed.

      Some other great methods are article marketing, web 2.0, social bookmarking, blog postings, profile links, etc

      The more methods you use the better.
      i agree with you RSS feeds can also come handy
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        I think, Backlinking is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get traffic to your site and its another very important part in the SEO equation. Or we can say, Backlinking is the process of creating links to your website.

        There are many ways of backlinking. Personally, I use Forum Posting and Article Submission. Both are a superb way to generate back links.
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    1. Provide more value than other blogs and sites.
    2. Add a blog to your site.
    3. Post relentlessly.
    4. Make sure that your blog is set to ping.
    5. Use Technorati tags
    6. Create authority posts.
    7. Have your friends tag your best work in Digg.
    8. Encourage readers to Digg authority articles.
    9. Make your articles easy to Digg.
    10. Creating list-posts.
    11. Recognize your field's gurus.
    12. Publish an RSS feed.
    13. Setup your feed on feedburner.
    14. Comment on other blogs
    15. Respond to comments left on your blog.
    16. Respond to your email.
    17. Link out to other blogs like crazy.
    18. Offer to be a guest blogger.
    19. Timestamp your posts.
    20. Show related posts in your blog entries.
    21. Use deep-linking.
    22. Use meme trackers to find hot topics.
    23. Do blog reviews.
    24. Do link exchanges.
    25. Add a page that invites people to link to you.
    26. Trade blogroll links.
    28. Get a MyBlogLog account.
    29. Start a Community.
    30. Do article exchanges with webmasters on your field.
    31. Do a scheduled, recurring guest blog exchange with someone from your field.
    32. Read your posts before publishing.
    33. Run spell check.
    34. Learn more about your field.
    35. Create walk-throughs.
    36. Use giveaways.
    37. Write articles tailored to beginners.
    38. Submit articles to article sites like: Article Dashboard, GoArticles, and Article City.
    39. Submit stories to news sites.
    40. Review products on your site.
    41. Review products on other sites like ePinions.
    42. Write testimonials for sites whose services have helped you.
    44. Write and submit a press release.
    45. Alert webmasters in your field when you write solid content that will be useful for their readers.
    46. Alert friends when you create something that will help them.
    47. If you don't have any friends, get some fast.
    48. Write to help others.
    49. Mentor other aspiring bloggers.
    50. Try to meet other bloggers offline.
    51. Create surveys.
    52. Poll your readers.
    53. Comment on online newspapers.
    54. Interview other bloggers.
    55. Cite the source of your information.
    56. Use forums and discussion boards.
    57. Ask your local, public library to link to you with their website.
    58. Answer people's questions on Yahoo! Answers.
    59. Answer questions on Google Groups.
    60. Submit to free web directories.
    61. Submit to blog directories like BOTW.
    62. Submit to paid directories.
    63. Write controversial content.
    64. Write about celebrities.
    65. Write about the leaders in your field.
    66. Attack the leaders in your field.
    67. Write in English.
    68. Install a text translator on your site.
    69. Create a contact page with a contact form.
    70. Create a testimonial page.
    71. Create a Wikipedia page about yourself or your business.
    72. Create a Squidoo page about yourself.
    73. Join the Better Business Bureau.
    74. Join local clubs that have websites.
    75. Check for local government directories.
    76. Donate to an online charity.
    77. Place an ad in Craigslist.
    78. Market your site as a free resource for local businesses.
    79. Better yet, hire a publicist.
    80. Hire a link building consultant.
    81. Hire a starving student and pay them $8 an hour to do everything on this list for 8 hours a day.
    82. Get some interns that you can teach to build links.
    83. Get some interns to write for you.
    84. Start a few more blogs.
    85. Encourage your friends to start blogs.
    86. Create images and tools that people can use on MySpace, FaceBook, and other social networking sites.
    87. Link to your blog from your MySpace page.
    88. Ask your friends to link to you from their MySpace pages.
    89. Create a new MySpace page for your site.
    90. Create a WordPress template..
    91. Create a Mambo template.
    92. Hold and sponser a writing contest in your field with a giveaway to the winner.
    93. Create a certification program for sites in your field.
    94. Buy links.
    95. Rent links.
    96. Buy posts from other bloggers.
    97. Start a design company.
    98. Donate sites to non-profit organizations.
    99. Setup blogs for other people.
    100. Help students that are taking HTML classes in college.
    101. Donate some time every week to hold Q and A sessions for beginners in your area.
    102. Encourage friends to bring friends to Q and A sessions.
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      I think article submission, blog commenting and the forum posting are the major way of getting the quality backlinks for the website.
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        Originally Posted by submitedgeseo View Post

        I think article submission, blog commenting and the forum posting are the major way of getting the quality backlinks for the website.
        I would not call them "quality links"! They are poor quality links, which is why you need so many for them to make a difference. Thats what love about Warrier Forum is that kind of advice. I want more of my competitors to come here to get their SEO advice
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          I use all kinds, its best to keep your links diverse.


          Comments, Profiles, Pyramids, Bookmarks, Article Submissions, Web 2.0 Creation, & Much MORE
          WF THREAD
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    directory is most easy way to get the natural backlinks.
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    I do social bookmarking, blog commenting, directory submission and forum posting.
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      Today use of effective link building strategies is common for the webmasters to get better link popularity for their websites. Importance of Improving search engine rankings by getting link popularity is already known to most of the bloggers. The more quality links you can create, better you can grow your search engine rankings and better you can make revenues by getting more visitors.

      There are 3 main types of linking methods that are mostly used for SEO and found to be effective. These are:
      One way Backlinking - it is the best way to get maximum benefits and holds much importance in SEO rankings.
      3 ways Backlinking - This is the linking method which is the second best linking method and is considered as comparatively easier to get.
      Reciprocal Backlinking - This is the third and the least powerful linking method to get link popularity.
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    this is a great helping post.. Blog commenting helpss
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    Search Engine Placement: There are a tremendous number of search engines out there and they are the major way to bring traffic to your site. I include the major search engines and many minor ones in my SiteBlaster web promotion package.

    Directories: There are tens of thousands of directories out there and directories are a great source of Backlinks. But all directories are not equal. Some have higher page ranking and therefore are more important to the search engines when they look at the Backlink your site. With SiteBlaster I put you into the better directories that will give you a good Backlink.

    Many directories require a Reciprocal Link on your site before they will list you in the directory. Some will give you better position for a Reciprocal Link. Others don't require Reciprocal Links. You may want to consider adding a Links page to your website as some of the better directories require a Reciprocal Link.
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    I often use social bookmarking. Try this and I'm sure that you will enjoy it.
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    Best way of getting quality backlinks is through valuable comments on different blogs with your link. You can go for forum posting, web 2.0 creation, free blogs creation, article submission, directory submission, social bookmarking etc.

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    I personally use Social Bookmarking and Article submission.
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    I like Article submitting, Social bookmaring and squidoo commenting (there are manny related lenses with high PR where you can put your comment with link on)

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    Back linking is one of the most arduous tasks in making the search engine optimization. optimization of search engines is a very robust system. To learn all the features of SEO-up will take months if not years. But understanding the important milestone of the United Nations and the core of how it works now and benefit in the future. It is vital important steps to know when you create these back links.
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  • Profile picture of the author shuichi
    what the....
    wow more than 100 ways

    I just :
    • Blog Commenting
    • Forum Posting
    • Web Directory
    • Stumble upon
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Join Yahoo Answers
    • Guest Posting
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  • Profile picture of the author webmedia
    1. Directory Submission
    2. forum Posting
    3. Article
    4. Blog Comment
    5. Press Releases
    6. Social Media
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    • Profile picture of the author the2ndrenaissance
      Originally Posted by webmedia View Post

      1. Directory Submission
      2. forum Posting
      3. Article
      4. Blog Comment
      5. Press Releases
      6. Social Media
      very helpful~~
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      Not affliate link.
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    there are so many ways are used for back link blog commenting,forums posting,article submission,social bookmarking,directory submission etc.all the ways are really good ways to get more back links.but in my opinion article submission and blog commenting are nice ways for getting quality back links which are relevant to niche of your site.
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    As of now I only use social bookmarking, forum posting, directory submission, and blog commenting. They are very effective.
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