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If I already have a .txt file that has my article with the synonyms all in {should|might|would} format, is there a free software out there that will spin it and give me a .zip file of a bunch of spun articles?

For anyone interested, here is my story of why I need it:

I know everyone that does article spinning seems to love "The Best Spinner" so I decided to give it a go...

I have to say, when it worked it was nice. I feel that it did a good enough job of letting me choose what words to use that the spun content actually makes sense and flows relatively well... which is important to me. I don't want to flood the internet with even more unintelligible mess than there already is out there.

But it gave me a few different glitches and the files it put out were sometimes corrupted and wouldn't open. This might have something to do with my computer, it's a netbook without a lot of processing power and running Windows 7. I don't know, but I don't have much time between everything else going on in life and the fact that I don't even have internet access at my house right now. So I don't have time to mess with making it work right now and have canceled it in the 7 day trial at least until I have more time to figure out the problem.

Anyway, I am stuck now with a couple of .txt files that have content ready to be spun and am not sure how to get it to the actual spun content. A bit frustrating since I did actually pay to use the software for a week.
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    If you want free spinner software, try spinnerchief
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    article spinner is also good software.
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    Spinnerchief will batch process exactly as you requested. It also does not require an internet connection to work (although you must log in at least once in every 10 days).

    If you liked TBS you will love SpinnerChief, it is more powerful, has more features, and is free.

    Download links here ***SpinnerChief Download Links***
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      I personally use The Best Spinner which is only like $75/year but the best free that I used before that is JetSpinner.

      It's all online so you don't have to install any software. I liked that because when I was on vacation I could use the local computers there to spin some stuff up.

      It's great for syntax to.
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    Thanks everyone

    I ended up downloading Spinner Chief and it did what I needed. I don't have any more spinning planned for a while, but will probably check out JetSpinner when I do as well as actually using the Spinner Chief software more for the actual spinning process to see what I think...

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