How Do I Make Heaps Of BackLinks Fast?

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Hey everyone, im new to this forum, Ive soon buying a uncompetitive but highly searched domain name and establishing a site, and I ended up getting the BackLink energiser and I was wondering what software do I need to make backlinks or am I better of outsourcing it because I dont want to be an internet marketer I just want this one site in the front page of google.

Can someone please recommend ways to get backlinks, what software or if I should just outsource it.

Thanks Alot
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    Other than having a competent team, or do the work yourself, there isn't any way to do this that I've ever heard of. If there was all you'd see on the internet is a bunch of spammy junk that marketers post everywhere.

    Even if you do a lot of work and have a team of people in place pushing the same endeavor, it takes time. Big authority sites that have 10s of thousands of links get them over time. If you just blast the internet all over the place, many of those links are going to get deleted and/or ignored.

    Take a moment to think about it. Search engines make money by providing valuable search results to their customers. Their customers are people using their free search services to find what they want.

    If those customers could never find anything of value that they want, they would stop using that search engine. The more people that stop using the search engine, the less traffic the search engine gets.

    The less traffic a search engine gets, the less money they make. Do you see a pattern developing here?

    While there are technical details behind marketing, the internet, and internet marketing the base element is very simple: unique quality content that people actually want.

    You simply cannot just *poof* overnight and land on page 1 of google in a highly competive market by spamming all over the place. It just doesn't happen in this day and age.

    Google constantly evolves to work towards stomping all over people that do this. You are endangering their business and as such they devalue (or ignore) your efforts.

    Really it's pretty simple. Now.. if you want traffic now and have money, start learning paid advertising. While doing that continue to build backlinks. It's like any business - does not matter if you are "an internet marketer" or not; it takes time, money doesn't hurt, and *work*.

    If you're unable or unwilling to do any of those, then you're SOL.
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      Best bet will be continuous human effort to make backlinks. Approach the webmasters and offer them some tool, free reviews, ebooks in return of one-way links. There are some link networking software such as voltrank to make 1 way links very fast, you can use them. But never fully automate the process.
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        Manually is the best way because you can select the quality of backlinks you want. I use a linking service to get started with new sites, but I also build high PR links back at a rate of about 5 a day per site. Seems to work well
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    I don't use software. I build my links manually through social bookmarking, blog commenting, forum posting and directory submission.
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    Personally I would not suggest you to use software,instead hire a seo company to do it for you.The professionals would do it better.
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      Originally Posted by seoindiaforu View Post

      Personally I would not suggest you to use software,instead hire a seo company to do it for you.The professionals would do it better.

      You don't recommend using software but hire an SEO company instead. Do you not think the SEO company is using software?

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    I would not recommend getting heaps of backlinks at any one time especially if you website is fairly new, I have seen older websites with authority establish this with no issues but google will notice something unusual if your site suddenly gets many backlinks at one time and that would have a negative effect.
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    Xrumer or scrapebox probably. But there are usually consequences for going that route... but that is the answer to your question.
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    If this is a one time thing you're after, outsource a few jobs to
    There are guys selling 5000-10,000 backlink packages over there.
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    You have to go B l a c k h a t I guess.
    Hint: It starts with x and builds forum profile backlinks

    Not speaking about quality.
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    I get on forum, social network and link exchange
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      Personally, I would seriously think about what you are trying to achive here!

      If you are trying to get a website to number 1 in google, but dont want to be a marketer, or do the work, then your only option is to outsource!

      Think of it like a real business, after all, a website is a potential asset, which could bring you in 6 or 7 figures one day, if done correctly!

      In the warriors for hire section, there are great services, which will get you a page one ranking for under $100, you cant get any better than that!

      Think long term!!
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