How are you tracking your rank?

by momo3
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I use ranktracker and Market Samurai, but get diff results.
THen go to google, clear my cache, and get another result.

I think Google is changing. I think results will all start to vary now on user activity and other stuff.

But what is the best method to check my average ranking now-a-days?

Market Samural is slow as hell and it seems to give up screwed results lately.
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    I´ve been using Google rank checker for this issue. However, I´ve to say that the rankings that Google rank checker shows you are mostly above what they really are.

    Use: Scroogle Proxy
    Scroogle shows the closest ranks on average.

    Usually the results on your browser or morziala firefox are above what they should be.

    Hope this helps!

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    I forgot to mention that you can also use Google Rankings especially when your site is new because you can search your page, blog or site in up to 1000 pages.
    On the other hand Scroogle only shows rankings for each 100 results, but you can go to the next 100, but it´s super time-killing to search your rankings manually, especially when you´ve no idea where your site could be!
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    Market Samurai works for me.
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    I don't stress about it. Just worry about getting traffic.
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    I use Rank Tracker in conjunction with Google Analytics.. You can include Market Samurai also in your arsenal.
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      If you want a more juiced up way to check your rankings I highly recommend SE Scout. It's not free, but the ease of use and ability to create multiple projects has really helped me organize my business.
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    I have used a number of the automatic tools and have not been satisfied for many reasons amongst which are
    1. Some are paid tools
    2. Free vesions of the paid tools are severely limited in usage.
    3. Results gotten are inacurrate.
    4. Google sometimes blocks some of these tools.

    I have now resorted to using Google Search itself as explained in this post.
    How To Check Keyword Ranking In Google : Using Google Search

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      I used to use MS for a long time. The problem with it is it gives you really screwed up results if the Google Places box shows up in the SERP's. So for local searches, it is awful for tracking. Anything else it works ok, but it is pretty slow.

      I use Rank Tracker and CuteRank.
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    seo glass will be useful
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