Anyone currently using Google Adwords?

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I just received a $100 off in free advertising card for Google Adwords in the mail. I'm not currently using Google Adwords, but could really use the money. If anyone is currently using it and would be willing to buy this card off me i would be most grateful. It has a coupon code, so i can just send that to you. It would be most appreciated!

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    I forgot to add it expires on Febuary 15th. And even if someone can only give me half for it it would be better than nothing. Because otherwise it will just go unused.
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    Well, anything is what i meant. I just don't want it to go unused if someone could use it and i could greatly benefit if someone would compensate me for it. Is there another thread already opened where people are selling theirs for $5?
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    sorry bro, you are not going to get $50, there are several websites that sell these things for under $10, simply because alot of people get them that have no need for them because you can only use the voucher the first 2 weeks or so that your account is live, but if you do get $50 for it, power to you!
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    Like i said, i'll take anything. And if someone really wants it for free, why not because it's going in the trash otherwise. I just thought if someone wanted to help me out they could, because they'd still be getting free money even at half price. So just let me know. I didn't mean to be greedy I just didn't know people were selling them so cheap and while i'm really in a bad money situation, if it's not worth anything, i'd still want someone to benefit from it even if i give it away free. Seems like a pretty good deal for whoevers buying! : )
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    Not any more. We're getting traffic all free now, and the auto blogs are adding allot of new free traffic now too.

    Goodbye to PPC!

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