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Are link wheels still effective? I have read a lot of mixed reviews on this subject.
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    Dont waste your time. Put your time and money into article content and distribution first. This is one of the most important strategies to get your site ranked. Google loves fresh content. The more content you get out there on relevant niche sites the better your rankings will be. Google eats up big time.

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    The best way to proceed with the Link Wheel is a versatile wheel. People used to determine a number of features, and link together all those who, like a big bike. Google can now detect all the features of your site with links to a link to each other. The most important thing is to create a random array of features and refer to the series of occasional features. So do not leave a large foot print that can be detected. To be a chaotic and varied creations of Web 2.0, and so they are connected to other functions.
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    I think, A link wheel is a system of websites that point to each other in an attempt to improve rankings in Google’s organic search.
    You can also increase the power of your link wheel by using Social Bookmarking Websites.

    This is a very effective strategy because you’ll be getting a lot of backlinks to your site which will help you rank easily in search engines.
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    I guess, create a sensation, a hype of your product and your site. Distribute those news on social sites. Sit back and wait for people to start picking up on your sites and start naming your URL. This may be a better way to spend your time. Having said that, it's not that easy to create hype.
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    google filed a patent for a technology that identifies linkwheels a couple of years ago. As with ever other thing on internet, linkbuilding strategies are short lived.
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    Link wheel is nothing more than a wheel, which in the ranking of your site will be placed on the intersection and all articles and press releases, blogs and link to the site, and all these blogs and the article and press release is attached to another.
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    article submission contain most important role to rank keyword and backlink also
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      Yes linkwheels do still work but not the way they used to work. Closing off the circle to create a wheel is a sure fire way of getting the entire system shut down.

      my advise is to read up on them before wasting time creating them because you could end up with a bunch of nothing in the long run.

      If detected the wheel will not be effective.

      This is my unofficial way of doing it "because I'm not a black hatter"....

      1] write 10 unique 400 word articles
      2] spin the articles about 20 to 30 times (depending on how many sites you want to create) to 80% uniqueness using software like "the best spinner"
      3] Place each article into it's own folder with the original article
      4] Create the pages on the web 2.0 using one article per page.
      5] Inner link the pages together but DO NOT link back to your website right away...that's like waving a red flag..hey over here Google...
      6] Setup the web 2.0 sites to be indexed using the normal indexing methods...ping...rss...10 high pr profile backlinks urls rolled into one feed using links2rss...ping the feed...create top 20 social bookmarks...take a few articles and submit them as press releases...one per site.

      WAIT!!!!! Don't do anything else backlink wise until the sites are indexed.

      After indexed

      1] Use a google blog list (manually or finding them via Scrapebox) and manually comment on about 100 of those high pr blogs.
      2] Submit a few more of those articles to the article directory sites
      3] Create 100 high pr profile links.

      DO NOT LINK TO $$$ site yet

      Check to see if the backlinks are sticking and the hubs are starting to show backlinks in the yahoo site explorer.

      Once you've built a few hundred backlinks showing to the hub sites you can start to lay the lines back to your money site using one of the inner pages on the hub site.

      I don't recommend laying them all in one day...I normally link back to my money site using one hub site per day....

      Rule of thumb is to use do follow backlinks to flow over some link juice to the site.

      Now if any of the system is detected by Google then chances are the sites will be deindexed or pulled from the rankings for the keywords.

      Best of Luck!!!!!

      PS----always experiement with things to see what happens...I normally use those web 2.0 sites as my tester sites because I don't want my $$ site to be hit.
      Check out deals
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        Thank you for the very informative post. I am going to try your system, I'll keep you posted.

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          Link wheel is the process like wheels. In which one link interconnect with another link. Link wheel is really helpful for generate more and more backlinks.
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    Yes link wheel is still the effective technique in the off page optimization as many webmaster make use of link wheel to get the more backlinks for their website.
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