Is using hubpages and squidoo good for seo?

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I've been told recently that these hubs and squidoo lenses work for seo well, but how do you use them to do so? Thanks
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    Hubpages and Squidoo are both open source websites that pay the user a royalty in exchange for creating content. It plays a crucial role for link building the websites in SEO.
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      You can use them to promote you site by writing article on your site's topic in them.You can also use them as backlinks to your site by putting you site link in the article.

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        They can be good, it really depends on how you use them. If you make the hub page themselves useful with valued unique content then links to you're site will be of benefit so long as you built other sources or links and don't overdo the anchors text ratio's for targeted KW's.

        If you create 100's of them with low quality spun content all pointing directly at your main site then this is like getting a big PA system and shout out 'hey look i'm a spammer trying to manipulate rankings'
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    Hi squidoo is more important in seo, as if you want to index your page quickly just bookmark in squidoo and in just one day your website will got cache. But your content must be fresh and useful.
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      Squidoo lenses also rank pretty good in Google as a stand alone website, so long as your content is good and the competition is not too strong.
      They have been out of favor with Google for a while but seem to be making a small comeback.
      If you are sick of the this space!
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      • These two websites can help you get targeted traffic and establish yourself as an expert in your field. The key is to provide compelling information that is worth sharing. People who find your content useful will visit your profile and check out your site.
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    This question gets asked about once a week...WF has a search function that isn't totally useless.
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    Squidoo and Hub are both good when it comes to overall internet marketing. Having said that, they are good for SEO as well.

    Good thing about them is that you don't need to be so technical in writing contents. You just have to make things good for users. Providing good information and other stuffs that will catch their attention.

    Through that, you can get the benefit of viral sharing and popularity which is one of the major sources of natural backlinks that Google loves.
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    When used the right way, Squidoo and hubpages can be very good for SEO. Aside from their high PageRanks and authority, both of them have an extensive range of readers. However, both of them can be very strict with their guidelines. Not following any of their guidelines would get your post unpublished and even get them deleted. You should make sure your post are informative, unique and non promotional. Spamming is also a big NO in these websites.
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    I'd use them as a secondary layer like Pat Flynn laid out on his website. They still carry some weight but you have to be careful how you use them. Quality content on those sites can go a long way.

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    Also, if you're trying to rank quickly for a "trending" term they can work pretty well. Their authority usually gets them onto page 1 if it's a new term without much competition.

    If I recall, someone here had created a lens about watching the Superbowl and made a pretty fair amount since it ranked quickly.

    I've had a few good ones as well. Nothing major. But worth the time to at least take a look at what's trending.
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    The reason they work so well is because they police their content. Google is more likely to "trust" the quality of content on authority publishing platforms that are self moderated. They'll favor well for both linking to a money site, and I personally use Squidoo for all of my affiliate review campaigns because of the ranking leverage they give you right out of the gate.
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    How come no one talks about syndication? I am ranking a site for a low competition keyword and so far after three-four days I am on page 2-4 for about 5 keywords in average position of 12-30. I have been creating high quality unique content and copy and pasting the body into web 2.0 sites like etc etc...

    I am afraid and quite unsure of this method, I have tried to do some research on syndication and its a little unclear to me. It seems as the SEO's are creating 100 web 2.0's probably misunderstood what they meant when they said that I guess its using senukex for tier 2 or tier 3? But if they mean 100 tier 1 web 2.0s then it would be impossible to create 100 unique web 2.0's obviously that is not what is going on here.

    I want to assume certain web 2.0s need you to create a unique article like for squidoo, perhaps but if I wanted to post to 10 web 2.0s daily then would I syndicate other web 2.0s?

    Hope I am not highjacking, I just want to get a clearer picture when I see a member saying they are getting 100 web 2.0s
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    they used to be a major force in link building tactics but then they lost there power. maybe they gaining it back. it's shifting and changing all the time. try to build links that bring in traffic. this is the main factor that i try to cover for myself. good luck.

    and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.

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    I think it would be right to do this. But you must ready to write to good content. I usually have better results with hubpages as a,omost every of my articles get better rank. I will suggest you write long articles on any of these platfors (1000-1500 Words Recommend).

    Long optimized content will get you a kot of traffic and a dofollow bcklinks from hubpages.
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    Squidoo is a very powerful link in your SEO campaign. You will see it is regularly a top 15 link on lot's of sites if u check links with backlink tool. Just update once a month, a picture is a update, a small post etc. All my clients get a squidoo lens, one of the first links i make. Good Luck
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