Is this SEO Backlink Strategy Good?

by khidma
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Guys what you think about this backlink strategy. Please Advice.

I have around 20 websites and each website have about 5 keywords inner pages. so total links to build backlinks to are about 100 URL/Keyword.

I get this services to automate the process and save time. let me know what you think:

1) Article Marketing Robot - I run it once per month for each keyword/URL (usually around 120 article live)

3) Scrapebox: i own it but it takes lot of time to use it so i was thinking to find a service that can do it for me, any suggestions ? backlinksgenie offer 750 verified comments would that be a good replacement ??

4) TheBestSpinner: I own it and use it for AMR and other article submissions

5) Xrumer: I currently use BlastBank 2000 Blast package but i am thinking to switch it to backlinksgenie as i can get 2,000 Xrumer Blast.

6) SEnuke: I have magic submitter but it takes time, so i was thinking to use backlinksgenie with Web 2.0 sites creation per day, what you think ?

7) Backlink Energizer: I use it for back-linking my .edu MuzSEO profiles + high pr Joe Finn profiles (50 backlink for each money website per month )

8) Bookmark Demon: I bookmark all backlinks and money sites.

9) Private Blog Network: $150/month: 80 C Class IP hosting with wordpress but all domains are new and PR 0 . Did it worth the monthly fee ?

10) UAW: $67/month: I publish 2 articles daily, Does it worth the monthly fee ?

11) $70/month: I publish 2 articles daily, Does it worth the monthly fee ?

Is there any better tools or services that cheaper and work better or a strategy that can work more efficiency than this one ?
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    With that much effort, something is probably going to work. It would be hard to know what specifically is working though, because of the multiple campaigns.
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      I've recently used BacklinksGenie and round it to be a great service (this isn't a shameless promo - I'm not including any links in this post). However, the cost is pretty high. You also seem to be looking to tackle a large number of pages / keywords. BacklinksGenie is really best if you have a small number of sites. You can only run a single backlinking project each day. On the positive side, it's unbelievably easy and required very little work to put into it (hence the cost...).

      If you're looking to outsource content creation for BuildMyRank, this can be a great service as well. I'm currently using this one, but I'm not going after nearly as many sites at once as you. I'm basically targeting around 2-5 sites at any given time with 2-3 keyword phrases for each site.

      Have you taken a look at LinxBoss? I haven't actually used it myself, but I've heard mostly positive comments. It lies somewhat between BG and BMR from a cost perspective. I think most people like it because it's extremely hand's off / low maintenance.

      Cheers, good luck in your search.
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        mclosson, i just cancel my subscribtion with linkxboss because i can only add 5 websites for about $150/m i think it's too much and the quality is not that good. After a month with them i only see couple links indexed and most of them are on low PR. I can do much better with AMR if i built backlinks to those articles using Backlink Energizer.
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    any feedback about this strategy will be appreciated.
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      These are black hat seo strategies, so they're risky.
      I seem the point 9) it's the one I like more above all if you are patient.
      Just my opinion.
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    Ha well you've basically got all the major backlink programs listed so you should do well with them. Put a effort to build some manually backlinks as well to get some high PR backlinks.
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    simply i don't believe in tools. i software can't be fruitful than manual methods. i always build links by my own or hire some one to do that for me. i think its a little bit lengthy process but it is fruitful and cost effective will get permanent links by doing this.
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      Yeah it should work...test it out and doc your results....Google is always doing different things too so experiment to see what works and what doesn't.

      I normally create about 100 social bookmarking sites all pointing to my inner pages and then slam the social bookmarks with back links using Xrumer blasts, scrapebox to blogs, and then some articles.

      All of those are do follow. The rule that I have found is consistency. Once your start the ball in motion don't suddenly stop.

      The above method works wonders for me but who knows it might now work tomorrow or next week.

      I develop most of my apps using C# to speed these type things up but if your not good at programming then stick with what you know...outsourcing a lot of that can be just as good.

      Best of luck!!!!
      Check out deals
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    Your way looks good. You can go ahead further with your own experiments.

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    The above mentioned software are very good for backlinks but they are expensive. I will still go for link building.
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      Wow, you have so many list for backlink building.. but of course, they will be expensive.. if you know how to handle it, i think you will be good.
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    The above mentioned strategies are very effective but of course it will cost you something. Right now I still go for manual link building.
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    Run independent tests on the services and use YOUR OWN data to determine what is working. That's my 2 cents.
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    Obviously use automation, well there's no wrong on that, that would be effective as well and you can see the in just a short period of time.
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    These stratergies are good but require patients so i will just wish you best of luck.
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    This will work! But what will be the biggest kicker in your campaign will be hard to know with all these tools. Why not mix in some manual backlinking as well, social stuff?
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