Anyone know best way to add alt tags

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I have a few fansites where I upload 1000s of pictures in wordpress
There anyway to ad alt tags etc to photo gallerys?
I normally make a post with 2-3 pics and ad alt tags but not sure away todo it with the gallerys
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    there is a feature in wp press to do it
    Click on the image to edit it and ad in the alt text then whenever you use the photo the alt text will be added automatically
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      thanks for the reply i was hoping there was away to mass do it when uploading gallerys to the same type of photos example all the Elena photos,Damon etc
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    You might be able to do it directly in the WP database using SQL statements.
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    Throw this little bit of script love into your WP functions.php and it'll automatically change all of your image alt tags to the post title...

    // change alt to title

    function my_image_tag(, , , ){
    = str_replace('alt=""','alt="'..'"',);
    echo wp_get_attachment_url();
    return ;
    Now, if your gallery auto generates an alt tag for images you're good to go.

    The downside, it'll overwrite all of your alt tags. It's a shotgun approach, not a scalpel.

    I'm all about that bass.

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    Thanks for the replys ill try a few of these out
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