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I recently downloaded and purchased Market Samurai. What I am wondering is what setting you guys use to find your micro niches.

Here is the setting that they have set automatically.

at least 80 searches daily 15% min broad to phrase match and 30,000 or less competing sites.

Are there other things that I should be looking for?

What do you guys use when you want to find the next great keyword or micro niche?
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    There is no magic rule to use. As a rule of thumb, I look for keyword with:

    - At list 100 daily searches
    - Competition less than 200.000.

    Keep in mind, however, that the most important think to evaluate here is not the number of competitors but its strength. Once you have a list of keyword that match those minimal requirements, go to se Competition Analysis Module and check if you can beat the sites ranking on the 10 top positions by looking at their backlinks, PR and Onpage SEO.
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    I usually go with at least 100 daily searches, but try to keep the competition under 100,000 as a general rule.

    Doubt everything you believe.

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    I've done sites on keyphrases that get a lot less than 100 searches daily, but the products you could promote were expensive. Meaning it just depends. I personally always look at title competition to gauge competition instead of sheer number of google's pages.
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    market samauri is a good tool. the best free alternative is traffic travis free version. another great tool is brad callen's niche finder for sale here on the forum. it gives a listing of related keywords and assigns a number value as to how hard a keyword it would be to target, so esentially it consolodates alot of info from market samauri. i use all three and they work good together, but trutfully i don't use m.s. that much anymore.

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      There are lots of free video tutorials on youtube.

      It talks about market samurai.

      Does anybody heard about Market Bolo ? Lol... just kidding
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    I think I will head on out to youtube to watch a video or 2. I am trying to get into a niche that I think will be quite saturated. But, I think that I can narrow it down a bit.

    Here is my idea. I started a blogger blog called Good Life Fitness. Its not just about physical fitness, but it brings moral, mental and physical fitness together to achieve a complete fit life.

    Do any of you think this will be profitable by selling amazon products like books and promoting CPA offers for a job search site.
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    Just watch the guiding videos from market samurai, then you will operate it better

    Noble Samurai - Dojo

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