Do you bookmark all your articles/posts? How to avoid getting banned?

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If I write several articles every day and want to bookmark them all...what is the best way to go about it?

I used to avoid bookmarking all together because I heard it's easy to get banned. That kinda stops me.

They seem not to like it if you only bookmark your own stuff?:confused: Is that true?

Yet, lately I've been thinking of bookmarking my articles for backlinking purposes... Is there a chance to get banned if I use the same bookmarking directories to bookmark my articles every single day?
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    There is always a chance you can get banned from a 3rd party site just because they change the rules from one day to the next.

    But if you are only bookmarking your own sites that puts up a bigger flag than if you mix in some other content as well in your accounts.

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      If you want to bookmark your articles, after you have got them published, go to and create an RSS feed containing the links to your published articles.

      Then submit them to and other RSS aggregators. THis way your links will be picked up by the search engines easily.

      Note down the URL of the RSS feed on icerocket and ping it using and

      This should help your links in getting found by the search engines.
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    You may use some tools like bookmarking demon / bookmarkwiz. These tools will create accounts and post so you can bookmark different articles from different accounts. This method works well for me and I never got banned except a very few times. Besides you can save a lot of time too!

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    Banned? Ha if getting banned is keeping you from trying something then it most likely is working . If done properly using the above advice along with mixing in some other content (and outsourcing some to all of your bookmarking to mix up I.P.s and content) you will be fine. Just make sure you take action, because otherwise its worthless! Good luck
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    You can get backlink by bookmarking your article but try to bookmark those articles which includes unique content and have more search.
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    I don't think it will get you banned. However, I never thought Social BM sites as great would probably be a waste of your time at most.

    <a href="">How to Lower Your Water Bill</a>

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    A solution I found to be successful is not to be greedy with social bookmarking. For every link of your own add 3 other relevant links from other sites. Imagine if we all shared the love, ecosystem of IMing link support.
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      You need MANY accounts.

      Then you can just make a bookmark or two on each account each day and it shouldn't be a problem.

      By the way, these sites don't know if it's all your content or a mixture of yours and someone else's. I wouldn't waste time filling up accounts full of random articles from someone else since there is no logical way to determine whose articles are whose.
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    I think that you might be being a bit paranoid. Yes you could get banned from someones site, but there are so many social bookmarking sites out there that it might just be worth your while to test the waters and see which ones are a waste of time.

    I'd bookmark a bit one one site, then something different on another and spread it between them.
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    Hey Katya,

    they basically rule is not to post the same urls
    at the same account twice. Only bookmark
    1-2 urls per day and for each account.

    I got banned too, but I bookmarked like crazy,
    and they don´t want to see that.

    You can bookmark your article urls from
    different accounts. This usually works
    out, but again only once per account.
    I do this up to 2-3 different accounts,
    never had problems since than!

    I´m from Austria, you´re not too
    far away!

    What do you focus on Katya?

    Best Regards,

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