Good or Bad SEO to Start Backlinking URL Before Site is Live?

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Suppose you have a new site you are working on but have not published and made live yet. Is it helpful or harmful to start creating backlinks for your url even though the site is not yet live? Is there any kind of google penalty for doing this?

Any thoughts or suggestions are always appreciated.

Thanks - Bob M
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    Just wait.

    I don't know the answer for sure and I doubt anyone else does but...

    the way I see it if Google finds a new link it has 2 options, save it in the DB used for ranking or ignore it. If it leads to a site that doesn't exist yet then I bet it would ignore it. Then you will need to wait for Google to crawl that page again after your site is up for the backlink to count.

    Only thing backing up my theory is toolbar pagerank will eventually go away if the site is gone. Which is probably not the best data but that's all I got...

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    I don't think it hurts. Actually - if your going to publish it in a week - then begin your backlinking - by the time G gets around to it - you'll have your site up.

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    No penalty other then your domain being indexed with no content. you will be flagged for a low crawl rate because of your site's quality.

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    bad idea, google flags and crawl rate goes through the floor. best to load up even an autoblog and index the site and then do some basic SEO
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    I too would recommend waiting also. I love the driveway analogy!
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