Phrase vs Exact - What's the difference & which more important in keyword SELECTION??

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I notice sometimes that there is a moderate to substantial difference in monthly search results. WHY?

My understanding is phrase is "keyword phrase" (in quotation) & exact is the EXACT keyword or phrase verbatim with no deviation. Seems to be mighty similar.

Whats the difference between the two and how does it translate in keyword selection for targeted traffic?
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    Phrase match is when someone enters your keyword as part of a sentence, which is also called long tail queries.
    Exact match is when the keyword is entered in Google as it is, with no suffix or prefix. If you are looking for traditional bum marketing then look consider phrase match results. But for proper keyword research I suggest you always and only count exact match figures.
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    I always got those two mixed up - though even when I do KW analysis - I use both broad and exact. Thx for clearing that up.

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