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I am not in any way associated or an affiliate of the software owner/forum owner. I am just sharing what I think would be useful to lots of people.

I have noticed that lately there are lots of questions about getting indexed fast.

A few weeks go I came across a free tool that basically submits your url to 2500 of "who is" and "evaluation" type sites. It was created by the guys and its actually part of their forum. But, you dont have to be a member to use it.

I have been using it ever since and it actually does get you indexed quickly, I guess because most of these evaluation sites are crawled by search engines few times a day because of the constant updated and new site submissions.

Its especially a good tool for indexing web 2.0 properties you make for link wheels, since most of use simply make a one page property and forget about it, so its unlikely to get indexed.

The good thing about this tool is that it gets you a few backlinks as well and all you have to do is enter your url and a keyword (for some sites keyword is used as the title of your url). I mean, you you wont probably get hunderds of backlinks, but non the less, it takes a second and you are hitting two birds with one stone any way.

Here is the url IMT Website Submitter

There is also another free desktop software that does the same, but it submits to far fewer sites. I can't remember the name of it. Maybe one of the warriors can name it for us.
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