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Hi there,

just wondering ... when you re planning to develop a new website around one topic which will contain, lets say about 20 pages at the end (aprox 900 words each) on an new domain- which way would be more effective to attract big G....

1.) starting with 1 page with fully developed content and adding new pages with the complete content each on a regular basis until the number of 20 pages is achieved

2.) starting with 20 pages with little content and adding content to the already existing pages on a regular basis until the intended amount of content

3.) puplish the already fully developed website with all the intended 20 pages & content at once from start

What would be your preferred way ?- Thanks !
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    The information which you have given regarding the stragergies for new website is very nice and also understanding. It will also help me as well as others for knowing the complete information regarding it. I am very much impressed by this.
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    HI, simple navigation structure with easy to understand link structure and unique CSS with all and above mentioned quality can lead a website to deploy services to millions of targeted consumers.
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    Mate honestly it doesn't matter. Launch them all at once. I would launch them all at once and set up a blog so you can regularly add content. Better still have a section of the website which perferably is user generated content. What your site does will be depend on whether this will be possible or not.
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    In addition, I'd like to give emphasis in making a unique and good content, having this two will give you a good advantage.
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      Firstly, whatever be your niche, do some keyword research to find out what your market is asking.

      Based on this, create your site architecture with categories and sub-categories

      Create the content suitably and fill your site with content for relevant pages. It is not good to submit a site with pages empty or saying Content coming soon etc.

      Do on page optimization.

      Now submit your site to local directories. If your site has an RSS feed, submit it to RSS directories. Google will find your site and get ready to crawl your site.

      Start building backlinks to your site (off page optimization).

      Once your site is crawled and indexed, you can type in Google and if you see pages listed, it means Google knows about your site.

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    I would personally go with a combination of the first two. Flesh out the entire first page and create the additional 20 with a couple hundred words on each.
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    Nice information for newbie

    Thank you
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    You can do it both ways,
    But I would start out with one post, and then add new articles every day or every other day, this way Google will see me updating my site often.
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      This is a brilliant Strategy, becos of the consistency of filling the site with quality content. This is what google loves.
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    I will go for No.1) Starting with 1-3 and regular basis content adding.
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    As content plays a major role in SEO, You need to build your site with good quality content from the beginning itself to optimize fully. So i would prefer the 1st choice of yours.
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      Hi there,

      thanks very much for sharing. Always nice & helpful to read other IMs comments.

      Anyway- keep em coming...
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