Google Analytics and Google Rankings? Huh?

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Hey all..

I am a little confused on something and am hoping someone here at the Warrior forum can help clear this up for me. I have noticed a trend so to speak with my Analytics and my rankings in Google. Here is the situation that has confused me a bit...

Lets say I log into my Google Analytics account and check todays stats for a domain. I find keywords that sent in traffic and copy them within my Analytics account so that I may paste them into Google and see where I'm ranking for that keyword.

Example: If my keyword is 'get big shoes on sale' and I copy it exactly within Analytics and paste it into the Google search it will contain an extra space after the keyword phrase as 'get big shoes on sale '. Now, that extra space at the end of the kw phrase actually changes the results returned quite a bit.

I don't expect people to type an extra space at the end of a keyword phrase when searching(or maybe they are?), so why is this happening when I copy my keyword within Analytics and paste it into Google search? This happens with every keyword that I highlight and copy within Analytics...
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    I have tried this out and the only thing which changes is the PPC adwords not the organic results. If you send me your actual keyword rather than an example Il have a look.
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    Oh damn. My fault Webber. I had another look at that and what was changing was Google's Instant results because it was searching for my kw + a word it was automatically filling in and searching for.

    So, it's safe to say a space at the end of a keyword doesn't alter results(at least not enough for me to tell) I suppose... Thanks Webber.

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