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I was curious in starting something up sometime this year where I contact local businesses and offer to optimize their website, so it will appear on the first page of google. I live in a town of around 50k people, so it could be competitive, but I wanted to ask a quick question.

Let's say you typed in "Hair Salons" on google, and all your results came up were local places. How would you get that website ranked well on google because a website for a hair salon wouldn't have a bunch of articles that you could backlink, I would think. It is more like pages of their service, costs, etc. I am really familiar with writing article, spin, directories, backlink, etc. So, my question is how would you get a site that you see like when you type in hair salons on google to rank high? Thank you for any advice.
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    You could add a blog to the site so it DOES have articles that will rank. If there is only one hair salon with a blog, it should rank for the local keywords fairly quickly. To make it worth while, the salon could also promote beauty products through an ecommerce shop. The ecommerce shop is not strictly local.
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    You might want to post your question in the proper forum.
    Adsense / PPC / SEO Discussion Forum

    You may get better replies to it there.

    Have a Great Day!
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    there are lots of sources on this, search google for optimising for Places.

    the key is to get links that relate to your target site. for example if your business is in Manchester, you could get links from local authority sites, Manchester blogs, local directories etc etc.

    also backlinks with anchor text "salon in manchester" would benefit greatly.

    I have managed to do this for one of my clients, but it took some time for the effect to be seen. it also doesnt work for all local searches.

    in any case, i would brush up your SEO skills before offering them as a service
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    SEO optimized content doesn't HAVE to be spun articles about hair salons... product descriptions with the right usage of the keywords you're trying to target can work too.

    This is where you have to be creative in your writing.

    That, and backlinks.
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      You mention town with 50,000 people, any less then this number of people will mean a lot less number of people searching to make it not worthwhile. And usually the greater the number if people searching, the higher the competition.
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        Onpage SEO (H1,H2,H3 ALT Image etc)

        5-10 related keyword articles (Wordpress hidden SE food)
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          Google loves very much articles and blogs but with a little content also you can do well with good backlinks and on page optimization
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    I would suggest that you use webmaster tools while optimizing your site. It will help you more in SEO.
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      Originally Posted by jhonsean View Post

      I would suggest that you use webmaster tools while optimizing your site. It will help you more in SEO.
      care to explain how?
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        I have another question as well. How would you get your site, not on to google maps, but to the top of google maps? Does anyone know anything about that?
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    What is RMP can anyone tell me , Is it important
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