How to index profile backlinks?

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I'm looking for methods other than Pinging & RSS Feeds as this method just does not work for profile backlinks.

I've tested it on multiple articles and I've learnt that profile backlinks are much harder to index.

Is there any software or other methods to index profile backlinks?
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    Nope, you gotta wait for it or build links to the profile from blogs.
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    social bookmarking
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    As far as Ive seen it is just a waiting process. Especially with google I've found. Yahoo seems to pick them up much quicker.
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    • The thing is, I can get the actual "Profile Link" indexed by Google pretty quickly. But the backlink within the profile hardly ever gets indexed, even though its showing me its dofollow. (If you know what I mean)

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    I've got all my profile backlinks indexed using my strategies from the following MindMap Below.

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    The page a link is on does not have to be indexed for the link to have been added to a link profile. People get confused because people talk about link "indexing" in the same way as pages entering the index.

    Just get the spider to the page, dont worry about finding the page in Google.
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    Create RSS Feed with your links and submit them to RSS dirs and RSS aggregators, you can use my new tool:
    IMT RSS Submitter
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    You can make a free blogger blog (owned by google) and create a post directing a link to that profile.

    Or you can submit it to

    or any other book marking place
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    There are a number of commercial tools that you can use, but there are free options as well. Two that have worked well for me are...

    1. Social bookmarking each profile.
    2. Taking the time to add 5-10 useful (valuable), legit comments on the forum in different areas, eventually they will get indexed on their own and the spiders will find their way to your profile. Plus there is less chance that your profile will be deleted. Then just add a new comment every few days on a new threads until your profile gets found.


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